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MM-Gay Romance/ Mature Men’s Romance / Sports Fiction / Healing
For years Gage has been turning men into steel, athletes into warriors of strength, competitors into medalists. But Gage isn’t looking for any more empty trophies, he’s looking for something far more meaningful.
When Gage takes a new job at an old gym, he doesn’t expect his entire life to get a workout, just a change of pace. At first it doesn’t seem like much and about the only plus is the endless view of rugged and well worked man-candy in the form of weightlifters and Strongman competitors that he’d be training and working with. He figures he has it made the minute he walks in the front door in that sense. But in truth, it isn’t enough. He wants a place to set down roots. More importantly, he wants someone to take root with.
Because he’s gay, Gage had always been told to just be happy with what he got, but there’s something about Boomer. A quiet, towering mountain of a Bear that was the gym’s manager who has Gage hoping for more than just daydreaming about the large physique. And that alone promises to put a spark back into the life of a lonely, freckled ginger.
You’re never too old for a teddy bear, right?

Their Plane from Nowhere
Big Spoon & Teddy Bear
Shagging the Dead {coming out in 2015}
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December 4
TPS Publishing
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Customer Reviews

languageporn-a-holik ,

a perfectly executed short format

What I appreciate about the writings of Princess SO is that she can create and keep a reader interested in a full-on epic like “Becoming His Slave”(co-wrote), or she can fully yet succinctly unfold a heartfelt story in a perfectly executed short format like “Big Spoon and Teddy Bear”. And good storytelling, first and foremost, is very much appreciated in this era of wham-bam-thank you-ma’am offerings.

That’s the overview, but the love of this all too brief tale is in the details; its in the heart and soul of both main characters. Gage, who’s POV lets the reader into his thoughts and feelings throughout the story, is a man you can root for. I love/enjoy/need a character connection and because of the depth which a reader gets into his mind and his heart, the likablity factor for Gage is spot-on. I don't find the narrative tedious at all. It's not narrative in the bad sense of the process, its connection. And that's everything for me.

Boomer is a bit of an enigma, and just like Gage, the reader goes back and forth as to the publicly presented vs privately hinted persona. It all came together in a couple of scenes about two-thirds the way through the book. Brief, subtle scenes that were defining moments without being melodramatic, perfectly in keeping with Boomer’s character.

Both Gage and Boomer are genuine, each in their own way. Gage is relatable in that he’s searching, in a life where the professional comes together well before the personal, and completion seems just out of reach. Boomer is a classic case of overcompensation; a facade derived from the need to keep his family, himself and his heart safe from the hurts a cruel world is all too willing to inflict. Together, they fit like pieces of a puzzle. Like pieces of a hard won, well-earned, completed puzzle. They grow together, but in their own ways. They learn to see, and trust and love in their own ways, and that make them stronger together in the final analysis.

This story will satisfy most readers of a good contemporary romance, irrespective of gender. It is a complete story for all comers. My only wee observation however, is a total chick thing; sorry guys. I would love to see this same story unfold from Boomer’s POV; a concurrent storytelling if you will. I would have to have my chick card pulled if I didn’t want to see into his mind and heart as he came to accept this relationship. So sue me. But read this book first…

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