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"Picture Perfect Marriage is a tender, steamy and unique love story. A must-read romance." USA Today 

Growing up, Hollywood Superstar Tate Prescott was just my older brother's best friend, but over the years he became my first love... and when we eloped, my biggest secret. 

After my little brother drowned at sea and I became wrapped up in the guilt of knowing that his death was my fault, I shut down... and Tate left when I needed him the most. 

Four months have passed since then, and now Tate's back, demanding that I give him thirty days to make our relationship work. He wants a second chance to prove to me that he can win back my heart. 

I still want him. I still love him. But can I forgive him for abandoning me?

Kings of Castle Beach:

Picture Perfect Lie

Picture Perfect Marriage

Picture Perfect Summer

Picture Perfect Love

August 28
Valentine Publishing LLC
Marquita Valentine Wnslow

Customer Reviews

Mslizalou ,

Wonderful story!!!

Big Talking Man was such a fun and sexy book to read, yet I found it to be way more emotional than I had expected as well. I absolutely loved that Quinn and Tate had grown up together as friends first before becoming so much more years later. The fact that Tate and Barron, Quinn's older brother, were best friends made this story even more perfect. I also loved Tate and Quinn had secretly gotten married; yet most of her brothers seemed to know it while keeping it from their mother.

I loved the banter between Tate and Quinn anytime they were together. There was always an underlying spark there that you could just feel between them, and they both gave as good as they got when bickering. I loved seeing Quinn and Tate find their way back to each other, yet wasn't prepared for many of the bumps in the road they encountered along the way. Quinn seemed way more easy going and go with the flow when we first met her in Picture Perfect Lie. I won't lie, when I found out Quinn was supposed to be with Laird on the day he disappeared, I cried a bit. I could feel Quinn's anguish as she pushed Tate away and stayed in her safe life almost as punishment for surviving.

I loved that Tate loved Quinn so much he was willing to fight to have her stay his wife. It was fun to walk down memory lane with these two and watch them build new memories along the way. I absolutely loved Tate was Quinn's assistant at the face painting booth and it made me laugh this big Hollywood star was being a lowly assistant to the woman he loved. Tate knew he had messed up big time and was going big in every way possible to try and fix the situation. I did feel like Quinn held onto her guilt for way too long without sharing with her family. The Kings are such a close-knit group, it just seemed so wrong that Quinn wouldn't have confided in one of her brothers.

As big as Tate was willing to go to make things right with Quinn, I loved Quinn was willing to go even bigger. I really felt like Quinn owed it to Tate to put herself out there in a big way and the fact that Quinn agreed and went all out made me respect her so much. Tate and Quinn just worked as a couple for me; even with all they work they had to do to make it work. Maybe that is why I ended up loving them as a couple so much.

Big Talking Man left me wanting so much more from the Kings of Castle Beach. Seriously, I can't wait for the rest of the King men to find their HEA in the future. I'm a huge fan of books in a series centering on a family, and Marquita Valentine is a master at such books. As a series purest, I tend to read books in a series in order, but can say with all honesty that Big Talking Man reads just fine as a stand-alone story.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (B+)
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rholub ,

Love this series!!!

WOW!!! Marquita Valentine has done it again! I loved this book! So sweet, I freaking love the King family so hard!!! And Tate Prescott, P E R F E C T!!!!

When Quinn lost her baby brother she kind of went off the rails and turned her back on the one man she depended on the most. Then, he took some bad advice and things spiraled from there. But Tate isn't willing to just throw their love away. Now he needs to convince Quinn to give him another chance!

Will they find their way back to each other? Can Quinn finally quit trying to take care of everyone else and start taking care of herself? Dive in and get ready to shed some tears and laugh out loud. I did, and I LOVED it!!!

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