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Big World Little Lens - The Complete Guide to iPhone Photography will teach you everything you need to know about taking great photos with your iPhone.   

Included in this book are videos highlighting some of my favorite apps, 10 tips to improve your iPhone Photography, apps and workflow recommendations, gear suggestions, a Hipstamatic flash/film/lens comparison, and ways to send as well as extend your Instagr.am.  The final section presents a gallery of  my iPhone images from around the world highlighting the apps I used to make them.   Whether it is a trip to Paris, family reunion, or a walk in the park your iPhone will have you covered!  

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March 5
Hossedia LLC
Hossedia LLC

Customer Reviews

Pfdenver ,

Big World LIttle Lens

My wife and I travel a lot and I love to take pictures. What's more handy than the iPhone? I read this book on our way to Europe this summer. When we got to Prague, I used the sunglass filter trick I learned in the book. Made for a great effect! Loved how easy the book was to read and understand, even for someone like me that loves to take pictures, but doesn't know a lot about apertures, f-stops, shutter speeds, etc. Would highly recommend this to anyone that uses their iPhone as a camera!

gnomehole ,

A bit too simple

If you have a pretty good understanding of the iPhone camera and the use of apps, this book won't really tell you anything you don't already know or can't find online easily. I was expecting some real photography tips to enhance my knowledge but found this book pretty simple. Not a lot of substance here. Good for an absolute beginner I suppose. A bit too costly for the return IMHO.

CookiePusher ,


If you want to produce great photos with an iPhone, you need this book, period.

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