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The nuts and bolts of bike repair for bicycle commuters, serious cyclists, and casual riders  

Bike Repair & Maintenance For Dummies provides expert guidance and tips for bicyclists who are hitting the bike trail or just spinning around the neighborhood. If you have a little or a lot of experience in using tools on your bike, this book can show you how to keep your bike in top working order, from tires to handlebars, without all the technical jargon.  

If biking is already a part of your life – or you’d like it to be – this book can help you tackle your own bike maintenance and repair, so you don’t have to take it to the shop for routine tune-ups or call for help if you break down in the middle of nowhere. Of course, sometimes you’ll need to seek expert help, so the book covers when to attack a problem yourself and when to call in the pros for backup.  

And although this book is written in easy-to-understand language without a lot of biking jargon, Bike Repair & Maintenance For Dummies is still a comprehensive guide. Seasoned bike riders looking for additional tips and tricks to keep their bikes in top condition won’t be disappointed.  

This book will help you repair – and, if necessary, replace – the parts on your bicycle. You’ll discover how to make basic bike repairs, such as: 

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February 10
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Customer Reviews

New Mechanic ,

Good for beginners

I was recently offered a job where I would be trained to be a bike mechanic and I read this book before I started so I could be more familiar with the names of the parts and the tools I would soon be using, and so I could get an in depth look at their functions. The book was extremely helpful in listing the parts and tools although there weren't many pictures and the few it had were not labeled or titled very well. Making sense of all the fairly complicated instructions with all the newly learned bike lingo the book gives you is very hard to do with the minimal pictures. While I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is a new bike owner and who wants to get a better idea of how to better take care of their bike, I wouldn't recommend it to someone who wishes to become a self-taught bike mechanic of sorts.

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