Biker's Paradise: MMF Menage Romance

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Publisher Description

Two men from rival motorcycle gangs have a dangerous secret, and now one woman knows it all.

Biker's Paradise is Katie's bar. It's also the place the local motorcycle club Saint John's Demons loves to call home. John Malcolm, the rough and tough, tattooed and leather-wearing leader, has flirted with Katie for a long time. To her dismay, things never go beyond flirting. But a hot-as-blazes rider from a rival gang has charmed his way into her life. Deke Gray is the number two man in the Renegades, an outlaw biker club that rolled into their small coastal town a year ago. Things between the Demons and Renegades are tense, and Katie's bar is caught right in the middle. What she isn't prepared for is accidentally stumbling upon John and Deke's dangerous secret. Both bad boys might be from rival gangs, but they are also lovers. So why do they seem so interested in her?

John keeps his motorcycle club in line. No outlaw behavior. No terrifying the locals. They act like a family. A wild family that likes to drink and fight, but family all the same. But there are some things you can't share with this family. Like the fact that he's bisexual and seeing one of the Renegades in secret. When Katie Mitchell discovers him and Deke going at it hard and fast behind her bar, he knows it spells trouble. Trouble that leads to a huge bar fight between the gangs. After Katie's bar ends up trashed, John knows it's his fault because he was fooling around with Deke instead of keeping the peace. On top of that, John has been holding back his attraction to Katie for a long time. As it turns out, so has Deke. Their mutual desire leads to a scorching-hot night between the three of them where all inhibitions are thrown away, but the risks remain.

Deke Gray is a man with a lot of secrets. He's the number two outlaw in the Renegades. Only he's also an undercover cop looking to bring the Renegades to justice. John and Katie have no idea that everything they know about him is a lie. But he loves John, and John loves him, and as they bring Katie into their world, the stakes get even higher. After all his deception, Deke can't tell Katie and John the truth or he will lose them. But his love isn't the only thing in danger. The Renegades are looking to take over, and John and Katie are both in their crosshairs…

Reader note: contains MMF menage and hot romance elements, bad boy bikers, and male/male love

October 12
Etopia Press
Wolf Hill Publishing, LLC

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