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Dreams Fulfilled - The Complete Romance Series
This is a steamy, sweet, billionaire romance Box-Set packed full of gorgeous alpha males
and plenty of steam to keep the reading pleasure going all night long.

The Widow's First Kiss (Dreams Fulfilled Book One)

When the prettiest young widow in the world comes walking into my life with her adorable daughter,
I fall pretty damn fast. I've put my career first for most of my life, and now that I'm past forty,
I'm starting to wonder if it's time to think about all the things I sacrificed. Like having a family.
Having a sweet face to wake up to in the morning, and loving arms to fall into at night.
Lorena just might be the right person to fix all of that for me.

Winning her over is going to take some work; she has a baby daughter to protect,
along with her own broken heart. But that's not the complication I'm worried about.
My ex, expert gold digger Andrea Case, is inserting herself into my family's Christmas celebration,
manipulating my mother into making sure she can stay. Is she going to ruin Christmas?
Or can I find out a way to save it for all of us?

Lucky's Naughty Angel (Dreams Fulfilled Book Two)

Aaron "Lucky" Gates never really had much luck—in love or in life.

Dragged into a biker gang by a combination of desperation and pressure from
his reckless older brother, Daniel, Aaron took the fall for an assault Daniel
committed and spent ten years behind bars. Now, he's a bouncer at Phoenicia's only nightspot,
struggling to rebuild his life while his brother keeps trying to coax him back into the gang.
The one bright spot in his life, besides his friends at the job and his rescue dog Moose,
is the sweet, beautiful girl he volunteers alongside at the church.

Two problems: she's only twenty-one, and she's Reverend Alderson's daughter.
He's headed toward forty and has no business sniffing around a girl who's so
pure she could probably draw a whole herd of unicorns.
Or so he thinks.

A Kiss of Winter (Dreams Fulfilled Book 3)

David and I don't talk about our short-lived marriage. It gets in the way of our
friendship and our partnership. We're supposed to be trying to explain the
inexplicable—of the paranormal variety, not the romantic—and bickering about
our ill-fated romance isn't the way to do it.

We were so young back then, and though he was never able to satisfy me
when we were both inexperienced and didn't have a clue, being cooped up with
him in this romantic little town has me noticing how much David has
changed—and has me wondering just how much he's truly learned in the years since we broke up.

With mistletoe hanging everywhere in this town, there's no doubt that love is in the air.
But can that love be ours, or did we already waste our one chance?

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August 19
Scarlett King
Draft2Digital, LLC

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