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What happens when a man you've always hated turns out to be the one who saves you, risking his own life to rescue you from certain death? 

Lines are blurred. 

Everything you've always thought was true isn't quite so clear anymore. 


I've always hated Marcus Colter. I have since high school. We antagonize each other every time we meet, and I thought our dislike was mutual, until he ends up saving my life on a suicide mission to rescue me from my captors, men who would have killed me if not for Marcus. Everything that happens after that successful, crazy, and dangerous mission confuses me. 

Turns out, not only is Marcus incredibly brave, but he also has a gruff kindness that I never knew existed. His quiet strength sees me through my pain and fear after he pulls me out of the danger zone. 

I'm not sure what to think of Marcus Colter anymore. 

He's still the bossy alpha male who drives me crazy, but I eventually discover that there's so much more to Marcus than what's on the surface. 

Apparently, I've never known the real Marcus Colter. 

Maybe nobody does... 

The Billionaire's Obsession - (The Complete Collection) - Simon 

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Billionaire Unveiled - Marcus

July 25
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Golden Unicorn Enterprises Inc

Customer Reviews

Evergreenbrdx ,

JS Scott Does It Again!

Since the death of his father Marcus has always had the responsibility of running his father's business and taking care of his family. Add to this Marcus helping out the CIA at times. This has caused Marcus to distance himself from his family.

Danica is a reporter and is still trying to recover from her kidnapping which Marcus saved her from. Danica is one of those people that is always trying to help others out. This causes her to get herself mixed up with a man who the government would love to put away for good.

Marcus heads down to get Dani away and in turn he is convinced to help her and has to explain to her that he is a spy. These two have so much chemistry! Marcus has been denying his feelings for Dani and soon realizes that she is what he needs in his life permanently. I loved reading Marcus' happy ending and how he is finally close to his family again.

Diggorygun ,


I’ve enjoyed other books by Scott but this one was just really weak & unappealing. Painful to read.

Crystal's Book World ,

Meet Marcus Colter....

I have been OBSESSED with the Billionaire's Obsession series since I discovered J.S. Scott in the Kindle Unlimited world. I would be up all hours of the night getting through each book. Now we are on book 11 and meeting Marcus Colter! Okay we have heard about Marcus here and there when we read about his brothers and sister. But now it's time to unveil this billionaire and see what makes him tick! Hmmmm....and it all comes down to Dani!

My heart shattered for Dani at the beginning. Through the story I was not sure I was understanding what Dani was doing with her current life. Then she lets Marcus in and together these two are unstoppable. Of course J.S. Scott gives you scorching sexy scenes that will make the room get hot!

The vulnerability the characters will show you has you hoping that the best is yet to come for them. I have a special place in my heart for these series Billionaire Unveiled will have you on the edge and will capture you until the very end!

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