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Two sexy billionaires. Two addicting mysteries. Two steamy romances. One supersized box set!

Ty and Taylor Montgomery are hot billionaires who spend their days hunting for hidden treasures at the bottom of the ocean. But they're about to meet two women who will make these cool ocean waters scorching hot!

Ty and Taylor are heirs to the Montgomery fortune, but these sexy billionaires don't just sit around and count Mommy and Daddy's money.  Instead, they've settled on the Caribbean island Ile St. Clare and created the world's most prestigious marine archaeology firm.

But these two blazing bachelors are about to find out that the ultimate treasure isn't gold. 

It takes a strong woman to capture a Montgomery man's heart, and in Billionaire's Bounty, you'll meet two women who are definitely up to the task.

First, you'll go on a wild adventure through the islands with Ty Montgomery as he searches for a long-lost treasure ship.  When he's faced with some dangerous surprises, he turns to a renowned island expert who happens to be just as sexy as she is savvy.

After that, you'll dive into the crystal blue ocean waters with Taylor, as he works to solve an old island mystery.  Taylor is supposed to be searching for answers, but once he meets a gorgeous insurance investigator, all he can think about is mixing business with very steamy pleasure.

Grab your copy of Billionaire's Bounty, and dive into the books that readers say "just about caught my eReader on fire!"

Included in this box set are all six books from The Sexy Mystery Series and The Steamy Island Romance Series:

Passion's Fury (A Sexy Mystery Series #1)

Danger's Desires (A Sexy Mystery Series #2)

Island Magic (A Sexy Mystery Series #3)

Desperate Destiny (The Steamy Island Romance Series #1)

Sunken Secrets (The Steamy Island Romance Series #2)

Treasure's Tricks (The Steamy Island Romance Series #3)

All six of the books in this box set contain steamy scenes, so they're best-suited for readers who are 18+. 

Billionaire's Bounty isn't the only book that revolves around Jessica Kelly's hot family of billionaires, the Montgomerys.  If you're looking for even more steamy Montgomery action, you'll find it in:

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The Dangerous Secrets Series

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