Book 0 - Lovers Dance

Billionaire's Dance

A Prequel to the Lovers Dance Series

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Publisher Description

If only my love could be divided by two... 

A standalone romance by USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy 

I’ve been in love with a billionaire since the day I was born. 

Does that sound crazy? 

I’m the illegitimate daughter of the full-time dance instructor on the Claremont estate. The Claremonts have two sons, Bennett and Quinn. 

Quinn was my friend from the beginning. Easygoing and fun. 

Bennett, was, well, Bennett. Studious. Serious. It was always obvious who would take over the family business. 

When I left for dance school, my heart stayed behind with Quinn. It didn’t matter. By then, he was the definition of a playboy billionaire. Sexy. Irresistible. A girl a week. 

He always thought of me as a friend, which I tried to be. 

But I still loved him. 

I decided that when I came back from New York, I would be somebody. An accomplished ballerina. Successful. Adored. 

And he would love me at last. 

What I didn’t count on when I returned, though, is that both Quinn and his brother would still be living at the estate. 

And that they would both be ready to fight. 

For me. 


Billionaire's Dance is a standalone romance. 

It is also a prequel to the LOVERS DANCE series, where we meet a new couple who are helped by the Claremonts. Look for the first Lovers Dance book, Forbidden Dance!

June 14
Casey Shay Press
Casey Shay Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

ChristiLofton ,

Great love story!

I am not usually too interested in reading books that have love triangles but I loved this one. It was such a unique take on the love triangle. Juliet's feelings throughout the book made you feel like you were feeling the same way she was. She had spent so many years feeling one way that she couldn't imagine feeling anything else. Her growth in the story was amazing. Her relationship with her mother was a nice side story to the love story.

Loved the book as much as I have loved all of Deanna Roy's other books. This is a must read.

ButtonsMom2003 ,

A timeless, heartwarming love story.

This is a wonderful love story and Deanna’s writing totally transported me into another world. I loved being able to escape even if it was only for a few hours.

Juliet grew up on the grounds of The Claremont estate where her mother was the full-time dance instructor. She was friends with Quinn, the younger of two brothers and in her teen years became smitten with him.

When Julia leaves home to become a ballerina in New York she vows that she will always love Quinn even though he doesn’t know it and may not feel the same. When she returns to the estate 6 years later she still fancies herself in love with Quinn.

Bennett is Quinn’s older brother and the one who oversees the estate. He knows that Quinn isn’t the person that Juliet thinks he is but knows she must find out for herself. While Quinn is away Bennett and Juliet go out together as friends – they enjoy the same things – but Juliet still longs for Quinn to return.

This is one of the most touching love stories I’ve read in a while. I’ll read anything from sweet to smut and this one definitely leans more towards the sweet side. However, sweet doesn’t mean that there isn’t any heat or sexual tension between the characters, it’s just not real explicit and the bad language is kept to a minimum (no f-bombs at all).

Bennett is a woman’s dream come true. The way he treats Juliet’s mother and his family is wonderful. I think he’ll stay my new book boyfriend for a while.

A free copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review.

Ddgoldbergs ,

A must read

The emotional struggle of falling in love is real and Juliet has the scars to prove it. Can Quinn finally see what's been under his nose? Will Bennet cause a scene? Will Juliet trust her heart or run away for good? An outstanding, beautifully written book. Deanna Roy has out done herself.

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