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Julia Levinson thought she'd perpetrated the perfect crime against Russian billionaire Vasiliy Aramov. Little did she know that her scheme would lead to enslavement in a world of dubious consent, rubber fetish, breath play and underwater sex. WARNING! This 6,904 word story contains a beautiful woman, a handsome oligarch and graphic descriptions of underwater sex!Excerpt: Vasiliy was naked now and stood watching me as I took off my precious stilettoes and undid my six garter straps one by one, drawing the beautifully smooth opaque stockings down my lily white thighs and on down my deliciously curvaceous calves. Next I removed my beautiful silk garter belt and unclasped my bra. As I did so my ample bosom spilled forth revealing rock-hard nipples that broadcast my intense desire. Finally I slipped off my panties, exposing my glistening labia, topped by a small strip of dark fur. This clearly also met with his approval.Looking at my suit, it was obvious the top was almost completely standard in construction with its integral hood and crotch flap. For some reason, however, it had another toggle in the small of the back to enable the crotch flap to be held up out of the way. The bottoms had been adapted to leave an opening from my **** back to my *** which would be covered up by the crotch flap of the top when fully fastened. As I sprayed the inside of both suits with lube, it was clear what Vasiliy had in mind.I slipped my feet down the legs of the smooth black neoprene trousers and worked them up, the slickly lubed open-cell neoprene gliding against my skin. Tugging the waist up and over my hips, I felt the smooth, soft neoprene compressing me exquisitely. The top went on like a sweater. Taking a deep breath, I pulled the soft garment over my head. There was always a moment with a freediving suit when your head blocked the hole into the hood and your waist was sealed in, leaving you breathing inside a closed rubber bag, inhaling the smell of the glue that held the suit together. I always loved this feeling of encapsulation and lingered as long as I dared. Finally I broke free of the deliciously warm suffocation as my head surged through the tight collar into the integral hood.

Fiction & Literature
August 16
Sophie Walton
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