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IMITED TIME Price: get these five top selling Billionaire BBW romances for 60% off when you purchase the bundle of Books 1-5. Find out what happens when these ladies Billionaires wants way more than they expect. Enjoy the witty and often downright funny adventures of these couples as their attraction ignites a fire, romance and more. 

Billionaires & Their Curvy Cravings (Billionaires, BBWs & Baby Bumps:( Books 1-5) 

Book One: The Billionaire’s Curve Compulsion 

What happens when a chance meeting in the Men’s room turns into a meeting with your top client ‘get’? Find out what happens when Darla comes face to face with the gorgeous stranger from her mishap in the men’s restroom. 

Book Two: Curves for the Billionaire Next Door 

Lindi has a problem on her hands, an Alpha Male neighbor who just won’t take no for an answer when it comes to her lawn. Find out what happens when Lindi confronts Jason over his brutish ways. Will she be able to resist the next move he’s about to make? 

Book Three: Curves for My Billionaire Upstairs 

Casey was new to the building, so it was no wonder she got onto the wrong elevator. The handsome man with the Penthouse elevator was only too happy to show her around his floor. Would she be able to resist the seductive presence of this Billionaire from upstairs? 

Book Four: The Billionaire’s Curvy Get Away 

Headstrong and no-nonsense Ellesbeth is not about to let some insomniac neighbor keep her up all night when she goes to her cabin for a writer’s retreat. She is not ready for what greets her instead, a sensitive, geeky sex god of a man, who would love nothing better to do than help her find her passion. 

Book Five: The Billionaire’s Curvy Customer 

Charlotte (Chuck/Charlie) is a conscientious researcher trying to find a new outfit for a client presentation when a mischievous blouse refuses to let her go. Find out what happens when her wardrobe malfunction leads her down a path of seduction and erotic intrigue when she meets the mysterious store ‘employee’, Rick. 

At over 250 pages combined, these five sexy novella length stories are each stand alone Erotic Romance Happily Ever After that contain adult subject matter, descriptive sex, adult language and mature topics including impregnating sex between a billionaire and a curvy BBW. For adults only—Not suitable for readers under 18.

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February 1
Wise Mind Media
Wise Mind Concepts, LLC (dba Wise Mind Media Publishing)

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