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Publisher Description

The story is set in West Texas where young Billy decides to spend the night at his Grandparents home, close to town. He leaves early in the morning on his trusted bike and enjoys a nice ride avoiding cactus, snakes, mesquite bushes, gopher holes and sand. As he travels he imagines all kinds of adventures and dangerous situations and as usual, he conquers his enemies and even battles monsters on his way to the store. The trip should take about an hour but instead he finally makes it to his final destination at about noon. Parking his bike in the back, he secures it with a chain just Incase someone wants to steal it. Unbeknown to Billy, he was spotted by someone hiding at the Jr. high school, someone with evil intentions. Billy settles end for the day, enjoy his grandmother’s cooking, candies and in the afternoon, hearing his grandfather’s stories. After everyone goes to bed, Billy has a strange dream and when he wakes up, he decides to see his bike just Incase. He discovers something terrible has happened. His bike is still there but the new tires that were on the bike were gone. The tires had been a gift from Kyle, owner of the Texaco gas station downtown. They were good tires meant for ruff terrain. What would he do or rather what could do? Things changed when his grandpa called the police and an unusual policeman shows up. It is at this time that Billy must learn to trust in someone that had been portrayed on his favorite TV shows as being the enemy. Billy quickly found out that trust was as important as his bike.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 10
Darren Ramon
Smashwords, Inc.

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