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Brianna and Mark are typical accountants. Some recent financial troubles have led this married couple to need second jobs, but when Brianna finds a job at Eros Beds things get interesting. Her boss insists she try out some of the new sheets at home and experience the “Transformative Sleeping Experience” for herself. Brianna and her loving husband are certainly transformed- her into a bimbo who thinks only with her enhanced libido and Mark into a muscle bound jock who’s only too happy about how things have turned out.

Explicit- This 8000 word tale contains scenes of hot sex between a husband and wife, plenty of cheating on each other, mind control, bimbo transformations, blow jobs, sex in public, and even some fun in the shower…

I could swear something was different but I'm not sure what it was. I would need Mark to figure it out. He was so much smarter than me.

"Mark, honey! Can you, like, come here for a minute?"

He grunted and groaned for a moment as he woke up. Eventually he got up and walked over to the bathroom, his impressive erection leading the way. That was something else that had gotten bigger. I got wet all over again just looking at it.

"What is it Bri...Jesus what happened to you?"

I reached out and started stroking his cock. "So I do, like, look different to you? What's changed I, like, couldn't figure it out."

He moaned lightly from my stroking. "What's changed? Are you serious? Your hair is half blond, your boobs have doubled in size and your stomach and waste have shrunk in half. Your hips are wider, your freckles are gone...for God’s sake Bri, your eyes are blue! You didn't notice any of that?"

"I noticed your cock is bigger. Does that count?" I stroked it some more and a drop of precum appeared out of the tip. "Besides, I like, had blond in my hair yesterday."

"Not this much. Bri, what about your t**s? What about your hips? And why are you talking like that?"

I took his hands and placed them on my hips and pressed myself against him- my full t**s pushed into his chest. I had to stop stroking his marvelous cock for a moment, but I could still feel it pressed up against my stomach. "Like, what about my hips and t*****s? Do you like them? I like your sexy new muscles and big new cock. I like them a lot."

I liked them so much I was practically dripping down my thighs.

Fiction & Literature
May 11
Jill Soft
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