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Bimbo is Jane's secret lesbian lover. Their time together is short, so when they have a day free, they decide to have a picnic in the park. As Jane's slave for the day Bimbo is required to wear a collar and lead. The collar draws the attention of onlookers. Yet, the stares don't worry Bimbo as much as her growing need to use the toilet, the result of drinking too much wine and copious glasses of lemonade. Jane refuses to release Bimbo, increasing her desperation until the inevitable happens.

To Bimbo's horror, the catastrophe only increases her growing excitement. A condition Jane is only too keen to exploit. But first, she must punish the 'dirty girl' for her unseemly behaviour in public. In a small copse on the edge of the park Jane strips her slave and beats Bimbo's bottom with her belt. Afterward she pushes the girl to the rough ground and finds a use for the empty wine bottle...

This story contains scenes of desperation and urination play.

I slide beneath the covers, open her legs and find Jane's musky sex in the darkness, gently stroking her into life with my tongue. David's taste lingers but I do not care. Before she has chance to speak again I slip my lips around her sex, take her into my mouth.

Eventually, the drink takes its toll. I need to urinate. Jane doesn't let me—that is—she will not release me. "Bad puppies don't deserve privacy," she admonishes. "You can go here." I hope she is joking. I refuse to admit the possibility she is not. Still, she steadfastly refuses to unhook the lead.

Suddenly she spins me around, forces her hand between my legs—starts to rub me furiously through the front of my shorts. The pressure is too great for me to resist. My mind screams out in warning but my body betrays me.

Fiction & Literature
March 27
Beverly Langland
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