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When Kit Melbourne, struggling artist and part-time barista, inherits a magic bindi from her uncle, her life will never be the same. This bindi and the power it brings draw the attention of baby-boomer witches, an ancient forest goddess, the Vampire Guild, and expat faeries living in the college town of Seabingen. Kit has to forge supernatural alliances and learn as much magic as she can in order to keep herself alive.
This book contains the first three novels of the Kit Melbourne series: Seeing Things, Treemaker, and Dayrunner.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 28
Kater Cheek
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

VikingJack1 ,

Great read

Someone told me I’d like this book because it’s got Pagans in it, and they’re the good guys instead of just the evil sorcerers. They're not heathen, but still, pretty cool. I like fantasy, and this is kinda different from the sword and sorcery I used to read back in high school because the magic is in the background. It was kind of like a mystery too. The characters are great, and it didn’t take long before I was really into it.

It seems like a huge book, but it’s three books in one. The first book is called Seeing Things, and it’s about when Kit gets a magic bindi from her uncle and has to dodge people who want to kill her for it. Kit’s a martial artist (karate), and has help from her brother who’s a witch, and her best friend who’s a were-bear.

I really liked Seeing Things, so I started the second book, which starts out with Kit getting a job working for a really strange woman who wants to hire Kit to make a forest of trees inside a house. I got about halfway done wiht the second book when my wife stole the book because I kept telling her about it and she thought it sounded good. I let her borrow it because she reads a lot faster than me. She read it in like two days. I read a little slwoer cause I’m dyslexic, but I still finished it in a week. My wife already ordered the next book in the series.

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