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Biology sets the standard for clear, accessible writing and content that engages every student at every learning level. A new focus on the Big Ideas of biology sets the stage for active inquiry and participation. In addition, there is built-in reading support that helps students master concepts. Biology has visual and interactive overviews of complex processes, which aid understanding, add realism and interest, and provide students with a visual link to the narrative. Students read, see, and ultimately understand the fundamentals of biology.

January 19
Pearson Education, Inc.
Pearson Education, Inc.
Grades 9-12

Customer Reviews

17Reader90643 ,

Great iBook, but...

This book is great, but I have some stuff I don't like about it. My actual textbook that I use in school has more color to the text. In this book it's either black or blue. Also the chapter assessments aren't in the exact order as the book (all multiple choices first). I really wouldn't have a problem with this but if our teacher assigns these questions as homework all my stuff will be out of order.

There are a lot of things I like, though. Firstly, I won't have to carry my bio textbook home. The graphics are great, and I like that they show you the chapter mystery through video. I love the flash card feature as well. I'd recommend this book, but I'd like a few minor tweaks. Then it'd be perfect!

Ricardo F. Gonzalez ,

Amazing book

The content in this "textbook" is amazing for what you pay the price for. I needed a good catch up on biology and this did the trick. Easy to read, and the questions on this subject aren't too shabby! A great read and a great price!

TeachesThere ,

Need to check facts

Great idea, great presentation. I only downloaded the sample to see what the book had to offer. The download was of Chapter 8. I read through Section 1 and took the summary quiz. Three or four of the questions were wrong in that I'd select the correct answer and the "book" said the answer was wrong. Then, when selecting a wrong answer, the "book" identified that as the right answer. I really think this needs to be fixed.