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The photo on the cover of “Bird Tales” features a male Mandarin duck who was named The Central Park Mandarin duck. He was also called Mandarin Patinkin and The Hot Duck.
He began visiting the city in late 2018. His colorful appearance, which contrasted with native waterfowl, combined with his presence far outside of the species' native range of East Asia, brought him much attention, from the time he arrived in 2018 until the time he mysteriously disappeared in 2019.
It was uplifting to see this creature and even more inspiring to see the diverse group of people he could bring together.
The Mandarin duck is not the only avian creature who is able to unify people. Something about observing our natural world brings persons of all ages, races, genders—with and without physical challenges—together. Studying the lives and habits of birds sparks a deeper understanding of empathy and tolerance in our world.
In reading “Bird Tales,” you’ll learn about a number of birds who people enjoy observing.
“Bird Tales” is dedicated to all birds and everyone who loves them. An interactive book for people of all ages to enjoy together, it is a collection of photo-comics, sequential storytelling that uses photographs rather than illustrations. The inspiration comes from photo-novels, also known as fumetti. They are popular in Italy and Latin America.
Everyone can appreciate the images in “Bird Tales,” especially young children. For the curious, I provide interesting tidbits about our feathered friends.
Birds included in this story are American robins, Northern mockingbirds, Mourning doves, House finches, European starlings, Northern cardinals, Blue jays, Rock pigeons, House sparrows, American kestrels, and a Red-tailed hawk. During different seasons, most of these creatures visited my garden, which is on a roof extension in Manhattan.
Please note this book includes sound files (of bird calls) and it has links to information to reference for furthur study of a given bird.

Science & Nature
September 2
Patricia Lori Youngquist

Customer Reviews

26890@ ,

Fantastic !!!!!!

Absolutely beautifully written and an illuminating read. Great way to share the joy of birds and to learn much about our avian friends.
Good for all levels of knowledge and and incredibly thoughtful gift for all ages.

Alabambi ,

Great Read!!

This is a beautifully written book that speaks to the extraordinary wonder of discovering birds. Love the book and Patricia even more. Great Subway read.

AmsterdamScott ,


What a joy to read! Patricia Younquist’s writing brings you into such a fun world where you get a front row seat to viewing some amazing birds as they go about their lives! I learned so much and the interactive features made it easier to explore even more. There is a lightness and ease to this book that is sorely needed during such stressful times. I think anyone who enjoys watching birds and wildlife will appreciate the fabulous photography and the brilliant way Patricia both entertains and informs through her writing. A true gem of a book!

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