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The Shaman’s Art Journal series of thirty books offers a rare insight into the spiritual journey of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song as She becomes a fully realized Peace Shaman. 


Book 5, Birth of a Shaman, shares the spiritual tests Peace Mother mastered to become an empowered Peace Shaman and Spiritual Healer. Birth of a Shaman contains wisdom teachings, stories and lessons on: 


- Cosmic Eyes and The Eternal Witness

- Serpent Initiation

- The Portal/Ring of Fire

- The Mother of All Wisdom

- The Shaman’s Purity and Power


In Birth of a Shaman, you will dive deep into these sacred elements of Peace Mother’s mystical shamanic training and receive the messages bestowed by Her Teachers and Spirit Guides. 

The insights, exercises and healing artwork in this book include time-tested techniques, examples, and affirmations to connect you with the ancient lineage of EnLightened Peace Shamans. The Light Activation artwork and wisdom teachings in Birth of a Shaman have been created to move you onto an accelerated, direct path to higher consciousness.

Saturated with timeless wisdom and Peace Mother's loving compassion, Birth of a Shaman provides powerful encouragement, guidance and training to support your journey to soul balance, self-healing and enlightenment. 

About the Shaman's Art Journal series

During Peace Mother’s evolution from yogini and shamanic apprentice to enlightened master, Spirit instructed her to paint sacred Light Activation images. Although not trained in painting techniques and fearful of failing, Peace Mother overcame creative insecurity and surrendered to Spirit’s will. To Her delight, Spirit poured through Her hands, creating thirty healing images that activate your inner light, heighten intuition and expand healing abilities. 

Each book in the Shaman's Art Journal series includes a Light Activation painting with related shamanic wisdom teachings and self-healing exercises. In addition to accelerating the reader on their spiritual path, this powerful combination of liberating tools has also been designed to resolve and heal the doubts, fears, attachments and regrets which prevent a seeker from experiencing a joyful and peaceful life.


Moving, exciting and inspiring, this breakthrough series is a must-read to break free of karmic programming, align with your Higher Self and experience life from the soul's illumined perspective.

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June 16
A Center for Peace and Healing
A Center for Peace & Healing

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