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For fans of Robyn Carr and Kristan Higgins comes a family drama from best-selling Australian author Fiona Lowe.

Is an inheritance a privilege or a right?

Margaret, the matriarch of the wealthy Jamieson family, has always been as tightfisted with the family money as she is with her affections. Sarah is the eldest child and although successful in her own right, her achievements are overshadowed by her younger brother. Sarah feels compelled to meet Margaret's every demand to earn her love.

After a poverty-stricken childhood, Anita has claimed the social status she's worked so hard to achieve by marrying Cameron Jamieson. Although they have a comfortable life, she's never able to fully relax, fearing everything could change in a heartbeat.

Ellie, the youngest, has lived a nomadic and—according to her siblings—a selfish life, leaving them to care for their aging mother. For her, freedom means staying far away from the strings attached to her inheritance, but she needs to consider her young son's future as well.

As their mother's health deteriorates, will long-held secrets and childhood rivalries smash this family into pieces? And who will get the money?

An addictive and page-turning story of the relationships between siblings and of deceit, betrayal and revenge.

Fiction & Literature
March 1
Fiona Lowe
Fiona Lowe

Customer Reviews

gweneeth ,


Excellent story. I liked the character development except the divorce of Anita and Cameron. I would have liked for him to have had some legal conviction for some of his crooked deals. Thanks, G

jlbec47 ,

Good reading

Pretty good book

Amigo73 ,

Hard Pass

It was like the author had a list of family dysfunctions in her office and she couldn’t end the book until she had worked each one into the plot. The unlikeable characters were left undeveloped in this process. I just wanted it to end.

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