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Her interest is purely scientific

Cassandra Burton wants to study medicine, surgery, healing, and everything related to the human body and its mysteries—and she's willing to rob graves to do it! But a lady can meet dark and dangerous characters lurking around the cemetery. And who could be more fascinating than Rafael Villar, Lord Vampire of London? If she could study his physiology, she could learn so much that would help humans. After all, he’s immortal—and Cassandra is now his prisoner…

Until she gets close enough to touch

As if Rafael didn’t have enough to worry about, with a rebellion brewing and his allies out of reach, now he’s confronted by a beautiful, fearless lady who wants to heal the scars he's born for centuries. He can’t keep her, and he can’t let her go, and worst of all, he’s every bit as intrigued by her as she is by him.

Praise for One Bite Per Night:

“Solid writing, a tasty dash of originality, and realistic relationships that zing with sexual energy.” —Publishers Weekly

“Clutch the pearls, ladies. It’s wonderful.” —Lit Bites

April 7
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glhince ,

I’ve grabbed the first two in this series, and can’t wait to dive back in.

The first I have read in this series and this book worked reasonably well standing alone, although I do think I would have preferred reading all three in order. A Regency era paranormal romance, the focus fell heavily on the plot lines that followed the rebellion and betrayal, pushing the romance to the background. As both of those subplots were layered with action, battles, dimension and several twists, this was no hardship at all, especially with Cassandra’s input pulling Rafe’s focus in multiple directions.

Cassandra was wonderfully built, determined to buck convention and follow her dreams to become a doctor, even as that is an inconceivable idea for a woman in her time. With funds to do as she wishes, she is self-teaching, stealing corpses at night to study and use for her lessons. This is how she encounters Rafe, in a graveyard as she is trying to obtain her next study subject.

Rafe is a vampire, the “lord” of the London Vampires, and he is convinced that Cassandra is a hunter. But, it soon becomes clear that his sort is not in her sights, and when she presents him with a questioning look as he tries to enchant her, he knows something is different. Used to people cowering from him for his vampiric nature as well as some significant scarring, Cassandra’s reaction intrigues him, and he decides to ‘keep her’ to discover more.

The threat of rebellion, and the potential for betrayal worked well, keeping the story moving forward and full of action, and often resulted in incremental growth in the relationship developing between Rafe and Cassandra. While she was demanding, and it pleased him to accede to those demands often, the two were able to communicate and come to learn more about one another as Rafe seemed to be testing Cassandra’s veracity. Neither has a great respect for the rules of society or the Tonne, and as Rafe came to see Cassandra truly was able to see him as a person, not just a vampire with scars, her desires and determination for learning and achieving her own goals started to become a bit of a mission for him as well.

Clever writing, action and tension balanced nicely with the characters that were unmasking and showing themselves throughout the story. Brooklyn Ann paced this story beautifully, while attraction was near instant, the consummation took some time to develop as the emotional connection between the two was clearer. Secondary characters were purposeful and gave hints to earlier books in the series as well as igniting interest in more for a few. With a wonderful view of regency era London with familiar moments present, there was enough of the new and different to present everything in a new light. I’ve grabbed the first two in this series, and can’t wait to dive back in.

I received an eBook copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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