Publisher Description

Introducing "BITTERSWEET REVENGE" (The Bullies of Pillsbury High) A high School Bully Series by Bestselling Author K.X. Ryleigh!

Summer has endured being bullied by Paige, Natalie, and Joan for as long as she can remember. And she's sick and tired of it. She doesn't want to go into her senior year, still being the brunt of their many cruel jokes. So, she decides to take a stand and do something about it. Unfortunately, her actions lead her situation from bad to worse. In her effort to exact revenge on the three beautiful witches, as she calls the bullies, she ends up stepping on the toes of even bigger bullies—the Baxter Quad. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are not only drop-dead gorgeous, but they are as vile as they come. They are the sort of bullies; one hates but can't help loving at the same time. When Summer finds herself caught in their web, she tries her best not to succumb to them, but it's tough, given that they are hell-bent on owning her.

We own you now are words no student ever wants to hear the Baxter Quad say to them. Summer finds herself being told these words, and her world comes crumbling down. She does everything possible not to be owned, but in the end, she gives in, and it comes with a price.

BITTERSWEET REVENGE is a 10,000-word mature high school bully, new young adult romance with enemies to lovers' themes. WARNING! It has foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. This is book one of the series.

Young Adult
February 2
K.X.R. Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC