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How do you piece together a broken soul—a spirit so crushed and battered from the weight of guilt and self loathing that the only conceivable way to keep breathing—to keep placing one foot in front of the other—is to erect four solid, impenetrable walls to protect your heart?

Simple: you don’t.

At least that’s what I thought. The change was almost too faint to notice at first but it began with her. It’s always been about her. Whether she knew it that night when she came to the bar and approached me after the show, I don’t know. But she started something inside me that I couldn’t fight or resist until it was too late. With her smile, her forgiveness, her friendship, Caylee Sawyer saved me that night and every day that followed. Patiently she showed me that the grief I’d buried under a mountain of a lifestyle of 'not-giving-a-damn' still needed an outlet—to be acknowledged. To be released.

She saved me.
I just hope I don’t screw it up.

August 21
Belinda Boring
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Laceybug35 ,

Truly a Bittersweet Symphony! Perfection!

Be sure to bring along your box of tissue when you read this book! Belinda Boring captures this story and all its emotions with classic perfection! This was one of those "prop-your-eyes-open-with-toothpicks-because-you-can't-sleep-until-you-finish-it" type books. It has to be DEVOURED!

Tackling a subject like PTSD can be daunting, even scary, but Belinda has written a story with beautiful flow. There's humor, relationships, sexy moments filled with swoon, friendship, substance abuse, love, and tragedy enough to make any heart bleed. This is a book that everyone will want in print, so they can stroke it on their bookshelf, or share it with friends. It's the kind of book that will bring awareness to not only depression and PTSD, but may also save the life of someone who reads it.

Bittersweet Symphony is beautiful, poignant, and masterfully written by a true artist. Don't miss out on the glory that is this book! I full expect to see it winning awards and recognition in the future. It's that good! - Lacey Weatherford, USA Today Bestseller & Award Winning Author of Chasing Nikki

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