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An unloved English heiress: When shy Maryssa Wylder refuses an arranged marriage, her father exiles her to his isolated holdings in Ireland, a hell he claims is populated by savages eager to slit English throats. On her journey, she is robbed by the Black Falcon, an Irish highwayman who curses all with the Wylder name.  A brigand he may be, yet she can’t forget the way he looks at her—his dangerous passion piercing her lonely heart. 

A dispossessed Irish prince: Tade Kilcannon has every right to hate the Wylders. Though his ancestors were Irish kings, the English have stolen his birthright, giving it to Bainbridge Wylder, a ruthless English overlord who drives the Irish crofters from their homes. Though the people of the glen think Tade Kilcannon is a rakehell, in truth, he is the Black Falcon, a masked patriot who bedevils the English. But this rogue’s heart is untouched until Maryssa Wylder saves his family from marauding soldiers.

A love worth defying two worlds:  Maryssa blossoms because of Tade’s tenderness, but he knows that to love the English daughter of his family’s great enemy is impossible.  Then disaster strikes the glen, throwing Tade’s fate and the future of those he protects into Maryssa’s hands.  Maryssa faces a heart-wrenching choice, one which may cost her the very life of the man she loves.

September 25
Kimberly Cates Books
Kim Ostrom

Customer Reviews

LiDmedtech ,

Black Falcon's Lady

You should fire your ebook editor. Words missing from sentences, double words in sentences (has has) and other errors are distracting and irritating. They ruin a good story.

N2Plants ,

Black Falcon's Lady

I love when a book just takes off into an adventure....and this one surely does! Amazing , fluid writing that will make you love the characters and actually feel their joy, their love and yes their sorrow! I could hardly set it down. Thanks for a great read!

Grdtijvdssfctew ,

Love it

Love it!!!

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