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A Muslim Arab Prince with a heavy weight of responsibilities on his shoulders and a young Catholic American woman with a dark, haunted past living inside her heart. Unexpectedly thrust together in a deal of betrayal brokered by her brother, the last thing she imagines when she goes to his wedding in a kingdom far away from her home, is to find out that it's her own wedding, as well.

A bright, independent CEO struggling to live this new life, where the traditions and rules are too numerous to keep up with, and an attractive, intelligent prince wanting nothing more than for his bride to find the black keys.

Fate steps in to teach the troubled new princess a few lessons about love, life, understanding and acceptance, while destiny forces the Crown Prince into allowing his beautiful wife to break a rule or two.

Because when it comes to love, rules blur and traditions fade.

May 14
Rose B. Mashal
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

seattlehorizon ,

Black keys

Awesome read. Page turner, gripping story.
Enlightening, different story line, great characters and I’m excited about reading the next 2 in the trilogy!
Nice job Rose B Mashel

What I'm Here For... ,

Not good

I couldn’t get through the first chapter. I’m sorry. I know some may say, it got better that you have to push past the first couple chapters of the main character’s ignorance. But I couldn’t. The way the writer portrays the character of Marie, I honestly thought she was 8-12years of age. And then it is put out there that she was 21. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. The language Marie uses when speaking, I seriously was confused because I thought I was reading a book about adults. And apparently I was but it didn’t seem that way. And then for Marie to be so ignorant when it came to her brother’s love for an Arabic Muslim. I have no interest in reading about her journey to realizing her ignorance.

Howling gale ,

Great, but i am disappointed

This story has a promise, it is actually good, easy read, but sometimes it feels like the choices of words is a bit mediocre, redundant. I screeched every time i stumble into series of wow’s, bridal-style, etc. etc. it sounds immature-ish.
I was incensed with the heroine’s reaction to Muslim in general, prejudicial and judgmental..i want to get in there and give her a good rant she would never forget..😂( that’s how i deeply affected with this whole affair!😂) and my heart broke into pieces at the end of book one. I have to buy book two and three to find out the conclusion of their love. It is a trilogy actually. Well...the ending will rein a mystery to me.

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