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Three extraordinary nonfiction works by Richard Wright, one of America's premier literary giants of the twentieth entry, together in one volume for the first time, with an introduction by Cornel West.

Originally published in 1954, Richard Wright's Black Power is an impassioned chronicle of the author's trip to Africa's Gold Coast before it became the free nation of Ghana. It speaks eloquently of empowerment and possibility, and resonates loudly to this day.

Also included in this omnibus edition are White Man, Listen!, a stirring collection of Wright's essays on race, politics, and other essential social concerns ("Deserves to be read with utmost seriousness"-New York Times), and The Color Curtain, an indispensable work urging the removal of the color barrier. It remains one of the key commentaries on the question of race in the modern era. ("Truth-telling will perhaps always be unpopular and suspect, but in The Color Curtain, as in all his later nonfiction, Wright did not hesitate to tell the truth as he saw it."--Amritjit  Singh, Ohio University)

July 6
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Leauxxx ,

What you already know

White people known what blacks are capable of. One of the reasons they try to keep us down is because we have so much power and they know it. Whites go look up ancient Egypt.... We accomplished more positive things than you ever will. The revolution will not be televised
Black Power!!!!!

Whitesareright ,

White pride

I'd love to see someone write book "white power" or start the white person collage fund. All the darkies would go crazy:)

Random Playdo ,

Please read

Considering how clear it is that no one who has posted a review even knows who the author is, these reviews are all bogus. Richard Wright was one of the 20th century's preeminent and most celebrated authors, the fact that people think this is a recently written book says they have no knowledge of literature to even make a comment, much less have it taken seriously. How many of you have read a book by someone other than Nicholas Sparks or Danielle Steele?

The title references the necessity of Blacks during the civil rights movement era to take charge of their one destinies in the US as Africans had done in Ghana. It was written at a time of segregation and before a Black president. The author has been dead for 50 years.

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