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We don’t belong together. 

I should have never seen him again after our first night together. But I crave him. 

I’m addicted to him. He is my dark pleasure. 

Mr. Black is Aiden. Aiden is Mr. Black. Two sides of the same person. 

Aiden is kind and sweet. Mr. Black is demanding and rule-oriented.

When he invites me back to his yacht, I can’t say no. 

Another auction. Another bid. 

I’m supposed to be his. But then everything goes wrong….

Praise for Charlotte Byrd

“Titillation so masterfully woven, no reader can resist its pull. A MUST-BUY!” - Bobbi Koe 

“Captivating!” - Crystal Jones 

"Exciting, intense, sensual” - Rock, amazon reviewer 

“Sexy, secretive, pulsating chemistry…” - Mrs. K, amazon reviewer 

“Fast-paced, dark, addictive, and compelling” - Clpetit56, amazon reviewer 

“Hot, steamy, and a great storyline.” - Christine Reese 

“My oh my....Charlotte has made me a fan for life.” - JJ, amazon reviewer 

"The tension and chemistry is at five alarm level.” - Sharon, amazon reviewer 

“Hot, sexy, intriguing journey of Elli and Mr. Aiden Black. - Robin Langelier 

“Great start to fantastic series!” - Brenda, amazon reviewer 

“Sexy, steamy and captivating!” - Charmaine, amazon reviewer 

“ Intrigue, lust, and great characters...what more could you ask for?!” - Dragonfly Lady

“An awesome book. Extremely entertaining, captivating and interesting sexy read. I could not put it down.” - Kim F, amazon reviewer 

“Just the absolute best story. Everything I like to read about and more. Such a great story I will read again and again. A keeper!!” - Wendy Ballard 

“It had the perfect amount of twists and turns. I instantaneously bonded with the heroine and of course Mr. Black. YUM. It's sexy, it's sassy, it's steamy. It's everything.” - Khardine Gray, bestselling romance author 

June 27
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Customer Reviews

Miles_mommy ,

Not bad writing but....

it is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING to only get ¼ of a book at a time. The 1st and 2nd book end at points in the story that are kind of weird timing wise. So annoying that I am not sure I will get the others. ANNOYING. Just wait and publish more of the story at a time.

Kortebo ,

The erotic MUST-READ of 2018! Move over Mr. Grey – Mr. Black is this summer’s Go-To READ!

This is an AMAZING romance novel, and then so much more! I don’t usually like series books that end with any type of cliff. I’m more of a “tell me the whole story, or don’t tell me anything at all,” kind of reader. While I’ve broken this general policy a couple of times – I’ve then been reminded why I made the policy in the first place. I tell you all this, so you will understand that I would volunteer to read/review for any author who is writing a “cliffhanger” series – where a reader must purchase a series of books to get the whole story – is a total aberration for me. That being said, I am still going to give a five-star review to this novel which is part of a serial story. While each novel in the series only tells part of the story, I was able to battle my aversion in two ways. First, each novel in Charlotte Byrd’s “Black” series is a full-length novel of 40,000 words or more and gives enough story that it can stand on its own. The reader does NOT have to read the rest of the serialized tale or purchase another book. Second, is a bimodal bit of reasoning. The author can go into much more depth this way. Readers being busier these days would rather read a series of shorter novels than the 300-page behemoths which we now call the “classics.” While I would prefer the behemoths, I do understand the marketing concerns. So, “BLACK RULES” the second of five novels in the “Black Edge Series” by Charlotte Byrd. It is a combination of two novellas from the author’s extremely successful ‘Auctioned to Him’ series and I must admit that Byrd, or whoever may be giving her advice, is an absolute marketing genius. Again, the novels are selling like proverbial hotcakes on a Sunday morning. They are selling because the story is JUST THAT GOOD!! Byrd’s characters are realistic, and any reader of indie books will fall in love with Ellie, a struggling writer to tries her hand with writing a romance. She is remarkable, strong, caring kind and Loves the hero of the story, Mr. Black. What’s not to love? The story is complex, realistic, inspirational, compelling and informative in ways readers might not even expect. It is a MUST-BUY in any form, so get your copy of “BLACK RULES” today! I was given an ARC of “BLACK RULES” to prepare this honest, voluntary review. EASILY earning a TOP five-star recommendation, this is an outstanding way to spend the summer of 2018, and relax with a GREAT BOOK! Happy pages! 😉

Natassia L. ,

Loved it

The story of Aiden and Ellie continues and is an absolute cliffhanger leaves you wanting more I really enjoyed the series by Charlotte Byrd. The great thing about this novel is that the tables are turned and it seems if Ellie has all the power instead of the other way around. Also the growth in the characters and how their own lives affect the relationship. I can't wait until the next one comes out. Here's to hoping for a great happily ever after but hopefully you have a naughty twist.

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