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As befitting her name, lovely Submit Channing-Downes was the proper, obedient wife of an aging Marquess--until her husband′s death left her penniless and alone...with one final obligation to fulfill. Entrusted with delivering a small black box to its rightful owner, she calls upon Graham Wessit, the notorious Earl of Netham, whose life has been marred by rumor and scandal. But Graham wants nothing to do w/ her gift. Fate however, has entwined these two lives in astonishing ways neither Submit nor Graham could ever imagine.

March 17
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NClax ,

The dialogue...

I downloaded a sample after stumbling across this book in an incorrectly typed search. I thought, why not? Why not indeed. The first few chapters are intriguing, so you try it look past the inanity of the characters' development and see where she is going. It is an exercise in futility. After 400 pages, you still have no better understanding of the characters, their motivations and true characters then when the book was begun. This book is an attempted character study, a drama far more than a romance, which isn't in itself a bad thing. However, the author spends far too much time on too many different subplots. You find yourself far more understanding of some secondary characters than the heroine, Submit. I must admit, I never truly understood her or her motivations. This makes the ending entirely unrealistic: it just doesn't follow from what the author has allowed us to see of her character. She seems to genuinely despise the hero, Graham, seems to truly want and value her independence, her time alone and then, just when you think she's going to walk away, travel the world, be her own woman *SPOILER ALERT* in walks another secondary character who you never saw developed beyond a ponderous, pathetic, and not unpitiable cuckold. It's insufferable. I feel that her editor gave up at 399 pages and just said "wrap it up," which she does, In less than 50 pages and very badly. I could have tolerated the book for free, but at $9.00, I want both my time and money back. Boo.

Cocomonetxos ,

Black Silk

This book had been totally different then what I thought I bought a paper back copy trying to plague through its a book rarely I pick up on page 310 . Decided to look for reviews just don't care for it unsure if I'll finish this book I don't find it intriguing .

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