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A subversive cult has began to appear - The Zulu Brotherhood (ZB). Black fraternities, politicians, and celebrities have began to get heavily involved. Their goal...? To breed inferior whites, asians, and other light skinned people to extinction. Black supremacy has proven itself to be a subversive element since the ZB organized. Commercials with strong black male characters with white women subtly showing their superiority while other commercials showed white males to be meek and pathetic. The lyrics of rap and hip hop music took a strong anti-white focus and proactively encourages white women to cheat with black men - these songs making it high on the music charts.

At college campuses liberal professors that are either ZB, converted white females (Queens of Spades), or broken white males (the defeated) assist in teaching young minds about the evils of white culture and history while exemplifying black achievements and their superiority in athletics.

More and more women are being converted... Each ZB encouraged to actively convert white women to become black cock only and pledge an end to their white bloodline. All white women of breeding age are potential targets... Potential Queens of Spades (QoS) in the making.

Even more sinister the QoS are putting a newly developed tasteless medicine in their white partners' food and drinks that makes them infertile and unable to ever get an erection again. The drug has the same effect with boys 12-19, but instead begins to feminize them offsetting puberty and making them no longer attracted to women for the most part.

The ZB will continue to snuff out white bloodlines and take society... Each day the government and people in power grow darker. The white birthrate decreases. Emigration from African nations is highly encouraged and legalized.

Will you too come to obey your Black Gods and help bring more superior offspring into the world...?

Fiction & Literature
August 12
Fatima X
Smashwords, Inc.

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