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Who’s the Daddy?

“You are going to have to push Mrs. Jarvey,” the Doctor said, peering up from behind his mask between Angela’s spread legs, “On three, okay?”

The moment had finally come, and Angela was so nervous she wanted to vomit right then and there. Her husband, Jeremy, was right beside her, holding her hand like had promised, encouraging her as he had promised, waiting for his newborn son to come into this world.


Angela felt so dizzied she might pass out. It was finally happening. All these long months of waiting, of worrying, had come to this.


She was about to be a mother. Something she had only dreamed of, but all the fear was welling inside of her making her want to burst.


Angela’s body wretched and contorted as the baby began to come from inside of her. She could see the doctor slowly cradling a new life as the pain threshold far passed what she could withstand, and she squeezed Jeremy’s hand so hard she heard tiny cracks as bones in his finger broke. Angela screamed bloody murder as the child pushed its way into this world. Suddenly, the pain diminished, and a tiny, barely audible cry filled the delivery room. The doctor turned on heel to clean the child and detach the umbilical cord. In mere seconds Angela and Jeremy were about to meet their new child. The doctor turned to present the child, but Angela could see it in his eyes. He hesitated in the slightest. She felt her throat collapse and her stomach surge with fresh bile ready to vomit once more. It turned out actions did have consequences…


Social Justice Network (SJN)

The premiere progressive TV network cheers on the black supremacy movement and share three different (and deviant!) reports from the field.


Blacked Japanese Girl

Marquis grinned from ear to ear as he hit the 'stop' button on the elevator. For weeks the little Japanese student was staying in the apartment building with her fiancé... The lower income building was mostly black and immigrant families. The wicked male had begun giving her suggestive looks every day when they passed one another. Her meek boyfriend winced and was intimidated by Marquis - a black Adonis. It was tough enough to have him flirting and inviting her to 'come over to his place'. However, the last two weeks...? He began groping her in the elevator. It was simple touches of her shoulder and upper arm at first. Then Marquis moved to grasping and kneading at her cute ass as she whimpered.

Then that wicked day where he stopped it and cornered her in the small space.

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December 19
Fatima X
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