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The Monday morning rush hour traffic was as slow as usual. At least it was a beautiful Spring morning. Fiona turned her thoughts inwards as she waited for the car in front of her to move another ten feet forward. Today was to be her first day on her new job as Executive Personal Assistant to Sean Jones, a large handsome Black man and Director of Urban Partners for The Development of Social Education. It was a tax funded organization established to ensure that minorities were well represented in modern society. Fiona would not have considered working there just a year ago. Now, she felt fortunate to have landed the position.

Fiona had been an administrative assistant for one of the Fortune Five Hundred Companies just three months before. Corporate down-sizing had eliminated her job, along with many others. John Davis, her husband had a low paying dead-end job and they simply could not live on his salary alone. She was forced to accept this position even thought she was not completely comfortable with the sometimes inappropriate and blatantly appraising stares that her new and slightly younger African-American boss had given her during the job interview. She had worn proper attire for their meeting, but he seemed to be undressing her with his dark eyes as she had outlined her areas of expertise.

Fiona was so distracted by her thoughts that she never noticed the guy in the truck in the next lane in traffic. He had certainly noticed her. From his higher position, he could look down inside of her red Mitsubishi automobile. What he saw was a pretty redhead with lustrous shoulder length hair, a green silk blouse that molded itself to a pair of large breasts, black knee length wool skirt that had ridden up part way to the top of her thighs, exposing the hem of her green silk slip and a pair of beautifully shaped feminine legs encased in black nylon stockings. Fiona, now thirty-seven years old, may have been several years older than the young man, but he was having fantasies of what he would do to her if he had her in his bedroom. Like most such fantasies, they would never come true.

Fiction & Literature
March 10
Fatima X
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