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A sexy professional burglar gets more than she bargained for when she attempts a break-in at a fancy apartment. The rich owner is not only home, but he's hot, horny and about to dial 911 unless she's willing to agree to his terms.

Advisory: This 5,000-word story features one hot female cat burglar, a extremely alpha rich guy, extremely graphic sex and a blackmail situation. Not suitable for under-18s.


I eyed him, weighing up my chances of a swift kick in the crotch, but he had me pinioned to the floor and the weight of him on my legs with the parquet floor underneath was seriously starting to cut off my circulation.

“OK, I'll ask nicely. Please let me go and you'll never see me again. It's a mistake, that's all. An embarrassing mistake.”

He shook his head firmly, keeping a tight hold on the belt that tied my wrists. He did, however, shift his position to allow some blood back into my legs.

“So, you're a professional, then,” he said, eying my backpack. “Nice work getting up the side of the building. You look like you've got quite an athletic physique.”

He unzipped my hooded top, revealing my black bra.

“Nice rack,” he said, running his hand over my breast.

That was too much. In other circumstances, I might have been attracted to the guy. He was a real alpha and just the sort I go for, but I don't appreciate being put in this kind of position.

“Take your hand off my t**s!” I snapped.

“I hardly think you're in any position to negotiate,” he smiled, and I wasn't sure I liked the tone of his voice. “How about we just call the cops instead, hmmm? I'm sure they'd be really happy to know I was holding someone who's most likely responsible for most of the break-ins on this block recently.”

My heart sank. It wasn't my first offence, and I was definitely looking at time if I went to court again.

“Perhaps we could come to an arrangement,” he said.

My face flushed.

“No way. What do you think I am?”

“I think you're a very naughty little girl,” he said. “One who deserves to be punished.”

I hate to admit this, but there was something about his sneering tone and the fact that he was 100 per cent hot that was actually turning me on. Not that I'd have told him that. My pussy was getting wet and my breasts were tingling.

“You can't blackmail me like that.”

“OK, I'll give you two minutes to think it over, and then I'm calling 911.”

He seemed happy to play the long game. He sat back on my legs, keeping a tight grip on the belt, and hummed to himself. The sound drove me mad, and I felt close to tears.

Just before my two minutes were up, I cracked.

Fiction & Literature
November 28
Myla Blue
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