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This is a Happily Ever After novel.

NOTE TO READERS:  If you love the work of Anna Hackett & Eve Langlais you will love this.  This is a sci fi romance filled with hot sex, strong dominant men & sexy females who know how to hold their own.  It's gritty, confrontational & stream wwill be coming out of your ears.  If you're looking for something to get those juices flowing, you just found it.  Enjoy!

This novel is written mainly in British English, with Americanism's & slang of both.

This is one woman's struggle to move past an abusive past and a dominant Cyborg male's need, to contain his natural instincts to allow her the time she needs, in the hope of a future.   

Blaz looked at the female chained to the Bridge console.  He was unable to take his eyes off her.  Even in her dirty, ragged clothing and physically abused, she called to him.  She had clearly been beaten, starved and worse.  The men on this ship had used her and yet, her first thought after killing the so called 'Captain' of this ship?  Find her men.  His female had honour.  His female?   Did he have the right to call a female his?  Did he want one?  Logic and emotion challenged each other, instinctively his processors told him, no.

His body however, appeared to have other ideas.  He registered his control was slipping, close to spilling over, males had deliberately harmed this female.  There was no logic to that and he needed to punish them.  Make them pay.  As he gazed at the female and he knew two things.  She was not ready for a male like him and might never be and ….  she was his mate and needed his protection.  No one would harm her again and live…
Kate shook as the chains came off her wrists and the collar from around her neck.  Rubbing the soreness from her wrists, she realised she was nearly naked and still surrounded by men.  Cyborgs.  She'd killed that miscreate only to find herself with another group of men.  She was an idiot, she'd asked to leave, and they'd promised to protect her and take her off this ship.  Kate shuddered, to what end?  A blanket appeared held out to her.  She wanted to take it but knew from experience, there would be a price.  

"What's it going to cost me."  She asked without looking up, surprised, her voice sounded so clear.  She didn't need to see her next abuser and yet, she felt no malice from him and she no longer feared.
There was silence and for a moment, she wondered if he'd heard her.  She really didn't have the energy to care.   

Kate knew Cyborgs had very, very good hearing.  He couldn't have missed the comment.  
And when he did speak ………. she'd wished he had.  

"Nothing.  Your mine."  

April 27
Jessie Rose Case
Draft2Digital, LLC

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