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Blind Man and the Queen, a novel illustrating the struggle people have when choosing between Love and Power.

This time, the fire burned and, the Society had a suspect; labeled him a terrorist. They’d seen him with HOPE KENDALL on the TGI campus. No coercion, the Society left the judgment up to her. She would decide whether MANNY DAVENPORT should be killed.

Hope boards a bus to New York City. It is the only place besides their campus she knew him to roam.

After days of walking Manhattan searching for Manny, she finds him living and working in a drug-filled, hedonistic, artist loft in Soho. Hope soon abandons all her suspicions and plans to transfer colleges to live and work with Manny. So caught up in this life, she throws a twenty-four hour party to celebrate her allegiance to Manny. That’s when they walk in, a group of forty, an unknown part of the Society, a side known as Love.

Hope does not know this side, but she knows two of the forty, as Manny’s childhood friends. One, Ernest LeGagneur, takes her on a trip down memory lane, deep into Brooklyn, starting with 1981. Through Ernest’s recollection, she comes to understand the bond, the love, the loyalty and the power Manny gained at the start of the decade, when he, Ernest and countless neighborhood youths became involved and affiliated with a citywide crew called The Love Connection.

With new insights into Manny’s life, Hope returns to her studies at TGI, the best place to unravel the mystery surrounding Manny. This quest puts her at odds with nearly everyone, including her closest friends and family.

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” Shakespeare’s words become Hope’s life as she finds herself in the middle of legacies vying for power.

Blind Man and the Queen details the alliances people form and the pride they must abandon in order to not go to war against each other. The novel is a toast to 1980s music and fashion, the changing ethos when synthesized beats and style propelled urban youth culture into the mainstream, and the political awakening that came from being campus activists, the offspring of 1960s radicals.

Fiction & Literature
June 12
La Caille Nous Publishing Compnay
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