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A haunted teen outcast and her snarky ghost outwit enforcers, monsters, and the scars of the past in a race to expose a deadly conspiracy while escaping a bloody end.

A lush, award-winning debut to a captivatingly eerie YA Urban Fantasy trilogy. Discover a labyrinthine, post-climate-collapse dystopian Vancouver overrun by monsters and magic, perfect for fans of Emily A. Duncan, V.E. Schwab, Kendare Blake and Cassandra Clare.


It's hard not to be a little obsessed with survival when your only "friend" is an unruly ghost and the wrong thought could get your soul devoured by eldritch horrors. Haunted 17-year-old outcast Cole wants nothing more than to hide her forbidden fascination with the monster-taken and blend in with the (dreary) scenery. Her plans for a peaceful life take a turn for the deadly when a mesmerizing stranger and his dangerously tempting offer drive her into the middle of a grisly conspiracy.

But Cole hasn't yet uncovered the biggest secret of all, and it might just have something to do with the mysterious threads tugging her into horrifying visions—not to mention the shimmering boy at their dark heart. Uncovering the truth will cost her dearly as she fends off scheming enforcers, dreamjacking ghosts & soul-sucking nightmares in a desperate quest for survival and retribution.

Can she escape the scars of her past and expose the lies before she's the next to die?

Blind the Eyes is the first book in a lush and labyrinthine trilogy of paranormal-meets-gothic-dystopian YA Urban Fantasy filled with glittering underworlds, delicious-and-deceptive strangers, and facing down the voices in your head. This slow-burn fantasy with an edge leads readers on a captivatingly unexpected journey of self-discovery, reclaimed identity, and conflicted sisterhood for those who like a little sparkle with their monsters (it glistens so nicely on all the blood.) Fans of post-climate-collapse dystopias, monsters-and-magic, and genre-bending dark fantasy will love this award-winning series starter in a complete and 100% binge-ready trilogy.

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YA dystopian-gothic dark fantasy of the haunted past, shattered present, and finding the strength to fight back for fans of Brenna Yovanoff, Victoria Schwab & Laini Taylor. Here's what readers and judges had to say:

- "Always Captivating"—Barnes & Noble Press "20 Favorite Indie Books of 2018"

- Book Spotlight Prize Winner—2020 Page Turner Awards

- ★★★★★ "Darkly Satisfying"—Adventures in Literature

- ★★★★ "Deep and Intricate"—NetGalley Reviewer

- ★★★★★ "Riveting Thrill Ride"—NetGalley Reviewer

- ★★★★★ "Mystical and Well-Woven"—NetGalley Reviewer

- ★★★★★ "Fantasy dystopian post-apocalyptic adventure of dreams, choice, and desire, and the nightmares that feed on us"—NetGalley Reviewer

Young Adult
June 1
Snowmelt & Stumps
Katrina Wiggins

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