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From New York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter, the first novel in her acclaimed Grant County Series.

Interweaving knife-edge tension, superb characterization, and an evocative milieu, this thrilling novel of dark suspense, set in rural Grant County, Georgia, introduces engaging pediatrician and coroner, Dr. Sara Linton.

A sadistic rapist turned killer is terrorizing Grant County, and the chief of police, Sara’s ex-husband Jeffrey Tolliver, must find him. But he’s not alone. Lena Adams—the county’s sole female detective—wants to see justice done, since her sister was the first victim. Sara, too, cannot escape the terror. A secret from her past could hold the key to finding the killer—unless he finds her first.

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 26

Customer Reviews

Iceboy622 ,


I do not know where to start... This book was amazing to read and kept me wanting to read more and more. At first, I was taken back by how brutally detailed the book was. However, as the book goes along, it only gets better and better. Thank you to the book store for putting this book on clearance!

Meagan’s Mom ,

Very sad

It's very sad to see a woman writer suggest that women enjoy being raped! And, in this case, the women had their feet and hands nailed to the floor.

Reg4luv ,

Hated. Dated. Overrated.

Not sure if the problem with this book is just that it was written 20 plus years ago. It does not hold up well. The characters are all one dimensional and achingly, predicatably written.

The storyline is implausible. Won’t even go further than that.

I slogged though 25% of it determined to give it a chance, and then realized life is just too short to consume bad fiction. And as someone who reads at least three or four books a week , it’s not that I am unwilling to invest time reading.

The author proudly writes in her intro how she was so happy she dropped out of college to find her own writing voice. Maybe she should have stayed in college to develop a more mature perspective of the world and a more nuanced understanding of people that would help to envision fully formed characters.

It’s my understanding she has gone on to write many best selling thrillers; perhaps she gained that perspective with age herself. If not, best selling fiction has a pretty low bar. I guess anyone who can really write and envision a thrilling story is scripting tv or film now.

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