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Blinks of Awe is poetry you can see, touch, and hear. For the first time in an ebook, you can see the poet's vision through gorgeous high resolution imagery and wonderful typography, you can play with his work using all those familiar multitouch gestures, and you can hear what each line sounds like as the poet emphatically reads each piece in his own voice. This is as far from dull, black text on a plain white page as you can get. Welcome to Blinks of Awe, a poetry experience.

Fiction & Literature
April 13
Arthur Klepchukov
Arthur Klepchukov

Customer Reviews

Gracie840 ,

InkSwell Girl

It's like going to an amazing poetry reading, and the author is performing only for you. It's an extremely special experience! The poems are original, unforgettable, and very relatable to everyone. The poems will make you smile, laugh, and cry. It's really the experience of listening to the voice of the author combined with the imagery that makes this book extremely rare and amazing. It has my highest recommendation!

inkswell girl ,

blinks of awe

It's like going to an amazing poetry reading, and the author is only performing for you. It's a very special experience! The poems are original, relatable, and unforgettable. The imagery makes this poetry book visually stimulating. I highly recommend it! It's a perfect gift too!

Oak Kyle ,

The new deal

I'm so happy that someone has taken full advantage of this new medium. This isn't a book in the traditional sense, it's a new beast that is designed for the intimacy of the iPad. I love listening to the poems with headphones, it's so personal.