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Can you really blame me?

I have been secretly in love with this girl for years.

She's funny, easy going, with a killer smile and a body that I want to get lost in. Who am I to question fate when we get snowed in at the cabin? I have a ton of kinky things I want to try and we have the freedom to try everything together...

When my friend Ryan and I agree to a true ménage à trois relationship with Jenny, our love ignites taking us on a thrilling journey of passion and love.

December 15
Provocative Romance
Red Phoenix Entertainment

Customer Reviews

Lrb8806 ,

Steamy action

I love the way the book starts off giving you a good back ground of the characters not many authors do that. It’s also very well written. But that is the style of this author. She is in tune with the characters through the whole book. I just wish it was a little longer. I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in M/F/M books. It definitely has a HEA and makes you stay at the edge of your seat the whole time.

Mrs. Perez12 ,

Blissfully Hot, bothered and now hungry....

Red Phoenix does it again!!! Who wouldn’t want to get snowed in with a hot guy.?! It was supposed to be a friends and lovers weekend getaway, but then a snow storm hit. Starts out with Jenny and Dan the two that make it first to cabin. When the weather takes a turn for the worst the other two Dan’s girlfriend/ Jenny’s best friend and Jenny’s boyfriend, Dan’s best friend can’t get to the cabin due to the storm. Feelings surface and the romance and chemistry ensues taking you on a forbidden sexy roller coaster. When the snow clears the feelings continue to grow leading up to a smoking hot ménage. I’m not into ménages but I really liked reading about one in this book. I still can’t believe how much my heart ached for the very sexy Dan when the truth came out making me dislike Jenny a lot, but the heart wants what the heart wants right!? If ménages are your thing, then you’ll love this book. There are some very sexy scenes that leave you all hot and bothered wanting more, May even have you looking at food a little differently as well ( giggle,giggle).

Jato612 ,

Roller Coster

Fell in love with the book from the beginning. Having the background on how they all new each other was great, you didn’t have to try and guess and kept everything straight as it played out. The book take you on s roller coaster of emotions. Love the ending as it becomes a complete circle.

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