Book 1 - The Cardinal Alpha

Blood Bound

A Werewolf Romance Novel

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Publisher Description

When Maya, a dark sorceress, discovered an ancient scroll in her search for ultimate power, she kidnapped a lethal Alpha known for his ruthless and brutal ways, an Alpha known to be more beast than man.

Alpha Xavier Thaeos, the Southern Cardinal Lord. He ruled over those weaker than him and he was considered a nightmare come to life. He was the Alpha of Alphas. The head honcho.

And Maya had succeeded in kidnapping him and chaining him to the walls of her keep, never realizing that she was walking face first into a trap big enough to bind herself to the cunning Alpha.


***This steamy werewolf romance contains explicit scenes of adult intimacy.***


What readers are saying about this book:

"The storyline is truly captivating and absolutely thrilling. I love the fact that the main [character] is not some naive girl who knows nothing. She has character."

"This story is soo good! I enjoy how Maya isn't the usual goody two shoes. She's cunning and she's not afraid to do anything...She's so badasssss and maaan, I just love it! It is easily one of the most original plots I have read so far."

"This book is just like quicksand. You come here, knowing nothing, and when you realize it's got a hold of you, it's too late, you're addicted, just like the rest of us... This book is so fabulous. Best book ever!"

"This book is amazing!"

"It's a beautiful story. The amount of detail just adds more life to it. I have read many other authors' books but this story and series had attracted me like none other. The amount of suspense, anticipation, love, and hate just encourages me to read the story again and again. Every detail just increases a reader's love for the story..."

"I really like the story, how the characters developed and how the story progressed. I have read her other books and I can say that she's a terrific author, and I can't wait for her future books."

"Fantastic story by a great author. Love reading her books and enjoy how she brings the characters to life."

"[I] absolutely love this book. I have read many werewolf books, but this book has a completely different take and it is written exceptionally well. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good read..."

"The suspense is perfect. The chemistry between them is off the charts and they haven't even properly bonded yet. They both are driven, which makes the dynamics of their soon to be relationship interesting. Who will bend and how will they make it work? So far this book has captured my imagination right from the first chapter. Great writing. Thank you. I have no doubt that with your writing talents you shall be an established author in no time."

"I can vividly picture the story in my mind. The author is truly talented at bringing the character's setting and scenes to life! I’m aroused and excited at every chapter, even in waiting!"

"This story just began and I'm already craving it like a drug...I'm even writing a review, when it is something that I NEVER do! Before reading, you just need to know that it is dark, so if it is something you don't like, this story is not for you. But if you could care less, and you love romance, hot werewolf dominant men, and strong women, this story is just for you!"

December 3
Tay T.
Tay T.

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