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Welcome to the Immortal Curse world, where angels and vampires live in secret… for now.

Gabriel is a warrior. A Seraphim. An immortal of astute power and authority. He’s lived his life beneath a cloud of stoicism and practicality. Only to have his entire existence turned over on its head because of her.


The witch who enchanted him with her empathy—a vampiric talent wreaking havoc on his ability to focus.

He’s hell-bent on righting the wrong, even if it means killing her to restore his mental sensibilities.

However, not all battles are fought physically.

Some require heart.

Clara’s no normal adversary.

And she’s about to bring Gabriel to his knees.

Author’s Note: This episodic novella is part of the Immortal Curse world and best enjoyed when read as a companion story to the Immortal Curse series. Begin the journey today with Blood Laws.

Suggested Series Reading Order:

1. Blood Laws

2. Forbidden Bonds

3. Blood Heart

4. Elder Bonds (Optional Collection of Immortal Curse Stories)

5. Blood Bonds

6. Angel Bonds

7. Blood Seeker

8. Blood Burden (Optional Novella)

November 6
Ninja Newt Publishing, LLC
Alexandria Foss

Customer Reviews

t-buku ,

Awesome novella addition to an already amazing series!

First let me start by saying... If you’re new to The Immortal Curse series you will definitely want to read ALL of the books in this series before you dive into this. I promise you will thank me later, well... maybe your bank account won’t, but seriously, you’re going to want to understand the plot points before you dive in to this.

Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way... This little novella is H.O.T. hot!! I mean straight fire, steamy, makes you want to squirm in anticipation, spank bank material, HOT! Gabriel and Clara are completely perfect for each other!!

I love seeing the author’s little glimpses into how the characters play into the overall story with things like this novella. When you have an author who can create such a vast and complex world like this you can’t help but want to devour ever single word.

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