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The stunning conclusion to the Blood Type series finds the world in chaos and turmoil with one final battle left to determine who will survive—humans or vampires.
She had the world on her shoulders. Now she has nothing.
Reyna Carpenter was twenty-one when she became a live-in blood escort for the ruthless and darkly handsome vampire Beckham Anderson. She thought this was just a small price to pay for feeding her brothers back home.
But nothing went as planned. Not even her tumultuous relationship with Beckham. And now she wonders if anything will ever be the same again.
As she finds herself in the midst of a losing rebellion, she and her trusted friends must flee from a city conquered by the vampire elite. With their plans blown to pieces and everything they knew and loved gone, their future hangs in the balance.
Despite all she has lost, Reyna must rise from the ashes, reclaim the life that was stolen—and complete her mission, once and for all.

K. A. Linde’s addictive Blood Type novels are best enjoyed in order:

August 21
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Customer Reviews

Om3ga900 ,

Blood cure

Loved the series! So often books are filled with sex and very little plot! Good job!

Wookiee 45 ,

Epic conclusion

3.5 stars for - Blood Cure - the third book in the Blood Type series by K.A. Linde. The books in this series must be read in the order they were written otherwise you will be totally lost. Blood Cure picks up right after the jaw dropping ending in book two and takes you on one crazy and twisted journey to the end.
Reyna is struggling to come to terms with everything that has transpired and finds it hard to find people to trust. She is determined to find justice for her loved ones any way she can and make those who hurt them pay dearly. With danger around every corner and enemies every where they turn, it made for some fast paced, intense reading.
Linde never disappoints when it comes to the angst ridden romances and the steamy, sexy times and this one certainly does conform. This was a pretty good (and even a bit predictable) ending to a series I really enjoyed. Books one and two were phenomenal and some of the most original PNR I’ve ever read, but unfortunately book three just fell flat. To me it seemed the originality and risks that were taken with the first two books were totally absent in the last one with the author instead choosing to wrap everything up in a pretty little bow. I personally would’ve been ecstatic with a “happy for now” scenario then that gives a possibility of continuing the series down the road. I do highly recommend reading the series as it truly is fantastic!

Megmegb ,

OMG - amazing ending to the Triogy

Oh that KA Linde has sucked (pun intended) into the wonderful world of vampires.  Becks and Reyna have changed me forever!

This book picked up from the moment KA Linde left us hanging in Blood Match...with her soul mate and love is gone and she needs to regroup and find her calling in life - to revenge all that Harrington has done.

KA Linde has once again taken me on a ride of a lifetime; the ups and downs, the ins and the outs of Reyna's mind and life were something to feast upon.  Watching this all happen as if I was there is one of the things I most love and admire about KA Linde's books, her imagery and writing takes you and the adventure with her characters.

This series is one of my top favorites of the year and of all time! I highlighted while reading, so many things that made me fall in love with the story but all of which may be spoilers.  Read this series, allow yourself to be drawn into the world of vampires and humans, and love and war.

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