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Before there was a modern-day town called Dark Moon Vale, there was an ancient kingdom nestled in the Transylvanian Alps. Before there was a primordial species called the Vampyr, there was a celestial race begotten of gods and men. Before light battled shadow, the sacrifice became mandatory, or the first Blood Moon adorned the celestial sky...

There was The Curse.

A punishment.

An abomination.

The ultimate act of vengeance.

And it was placed upon a people so corrupted by their thirst for blood and dominion that they awakened the souls of the slain and became the souls of the damned:

Young, beautiful, and in the prime of her life, Jessenia Groza is not ready to die. Yet she has been condemned by Prince Jaegar's men, slated as a sacrifice to the gods.

Timaos Silivasi would gladly risk everything - his power, his privilege, his celestial heart - to save his one true love, but fate has a plan of its own...

For this couple.

For this civilization.

For this lost race of warriors, who will never be the same.

Every legend has a beginning...

BLOOD GENESIS: prequel to the Blood Curse Series

Discover the "Extraordinary Storytelling Talents" of Tessa Dawn, the #1 bestselling author of the Blood Curse Series ~ Dark Fantasy & Gothic Romance at its best. (Quote by Midwest Book Review)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 13
Ghost Pines Publishing, LLC
Ghost Pines Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

asj1948 ,

The blood curse series introduction

Blood Genesis is a beautifully--written intro to an amazing series. Tessa really brings the past and the Curse to life in this short but powerful novella. So many emotions in just a few short pages. I'm so glad she's given us an extra glimpse into the one- of-a-kind world she created.

carrie champ ,

It's all about the curse

If you think you know the story of the Blood Curse, trust me, you don’t…

Long before Dark Moon Vale there was a time of death, betrayal, vengeance and a love so strong that not even a brother drenched in madness could quell it. Nothing will prepare you for the emotional ride Tessa Dawn takes you on. Rich in texture and beauty with equal parts darkness and pain, this tale is not for the weak, it is no fairytale however, there’s beauty in the pain that is reflected through the story. As with any book written by the incredibly talented Tessa Dawn, when you read the last page you yearn for more.

If Dark Fantasy is what you enjoy, journey back to a time where Kings ruled, brothers divided, no woman was safe and innocence was lost…forever.

Blood Genesis is the prequel to the Blood Curse Series and is a must-have for devoted readers and new readers alike. Pick it up today, and get ready to experience what it’s like to know the Blood Curse.

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