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When killing is so wrong, how can murder be so right?

“Another Cracking Read. This is another great story with an excellent plot and lots of action.” 5 stars, P. Flanders

Essential reading for fans of Lee Child, Stieg Larsson, Vince Flynn, John Sandford, David Baldacci, James Patterson… anyone who loves lightning-paced plots with Jack Reacher-style action.


In the dead of night, a simple car theft in suburbia turns into a savage, life-or-death struggle. When the car roars away into the darkness, a body lies facedown in a pool of blood.

White-picket-fence dreams aren’t supposed to turn into blood-drenched nightmares, so ex-assassin Tess Williams suspects dark secrets lurk behind the carnage. She launches a full-throttle investigation. Not just in the hope of finding the killer, but in the hope of finding redemption through helping those most in need of her unique talents.

Stalking NYC’s sleazy alleys, Tess clashes with car thieves and chop shop thugs, but slams into one dead end after another.

Tess gradually pieces together clues to the mystery, only to discover that a ruthless crime boss might hold the key to unveiling the killer’s identity. With the trail going cold, she has only two options if she’s going to survive this job – let the murderer go free to kill again, or find a deal that a criminal mastermind can’t refuse. 

Some crimes are worth killing for, but are they ever worth dying for?

“Interesting characters with a great story line keep this series an awesome page turner. You should be reading these!” 5 stars, M K Pingree

If you love a troubled hero with a dark past, love a lone warrior who'll risk everything to protect the innocent and avenge the dead, you MUST READ this series! 


You can get Angel of Darkness Black File 03 through this book as my gift (see the Table of Contents for details). 

Can I read the series in any order? 

Each book is a self-contained story, so they can be read out of sequence (with the possible exception of Nightmare’s Rage and Shanghai Fury).

However, small subplots run through the series to make it more fun, so you’ll enjoy it far more if you read the books in order (these threads come together later in the series). But this is only a suggestion.

WARNING – Miss Marple it ain’t! 

Angel of Darkness action-packed thrillers are NOT cozy mysteries, but noir and hardboiled violent crime fiction, so expect occasional strong language, violence, and scenes of a sexual nature. It is novella-length fiction. 

“The depth of Tess, the lead character is surprising … I'd recommend these to any fan of action-thrillers.” 5 stars, John Mariotti

If you love female assassins, love action-packed mystery and suspense, love a dark hero battling overwhelming odds in the name of true justice, you MUST READ this series!

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October 15
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Customer Reviews

MrsDuck719 ,

Fast paced and intense action

This is the third book in the series and I find myself hooked. I am also fascinated by the fact that I am hooked on an action thriller as I am predominantly a mystery (even cozy mystery) person, not the Die Hard type at all. But...interestingly enough I think Tess (protagonist) and I are trying to work out the same thing. In Blood Justice she is becoming more known to the readers and we see the internal debate, am I a Monster or a Hero. For my part I am so a rule follower that I wouldn’t think I would be to read and cheer for someone who doesn’t always play by the rules (except maybe the rule of justice). Maybe it is because I have a strong sense of justice as well as my play by the rules feeling that I enjoy this series so much.

This is a well written book (as usual) and is fast paced and filled with action. Also happily Tess and some of the other characters are smart! Plus I love her spunk!

Definitely worth a read. You could read as a stand-alone or out of order but the progression of the depth of the protagonist is probably better enjoyed if read as a series in order. So Kill Switch is the first in the series.

MakenItEasy ,

Blood Justice by Steve N Lee

Book 3 every bit as exciting as 1 and 2! Full of main character Tess’s determination to exact justice for another innocent. No judge. No jury. But lots of action and suspense! Page tuner and very interesting concepts that Tess battles internally as she makes heavy decisions during her adventures to somehow right at least some wrongs in the world. Steve N Lee exemplary in his writing skills and incorporates plot and sub plots as themes throughout this series so far. I HIGHLY recommend this read. Smooth delivery and in this book Tess now has to take on a debt to be repayed to a very evil man how now knows how to “keep in touch”. No spoilers, just have to read this one to find out!! Can’t say enough good things about this series as it is developing quite nicely for the reader.

Sifi troll ,

Blood justice

Fast action real characters plot moves smartly

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