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Astasiya Davenport’s best friend is dead. No, not just dead—murdered. Burned alive. Decapitated. And the only one who can help her figure out what happened is a demon masquerading as a billionaire playboy.

Because that happens in real life.

Yet Astasiya has always known the supernatural exists. Not the kind in fairy tales or happily-ever-afters, but the kind that kills.

Issac Wakefield knows the rules—when you find a fledgling immortal in the city, you kill her. Except Astasiya intrigues him with her uncanny abilities, marking her as too useful for death.

With revenge on his mind, he strikes up an agreement with her instead, one that’ll benefit them both. But as complications arise, secrets unravel, initiating a lethal game that threatens both of their lives.

Loyalties will be tested.

Bonds will be made.

And a forbidden love will rise.

Welcome to the Immortal Curse world, where angels and vampires are redefined and Seraphim reign.

May 2
Ninja Newt Publishing, LLC
Alexandria Foss

Customer Reviews

SirabiRose ,

Wow, wow, wow!

Once you start, you don't want to stop. A very steady pace is set and flows wonderfully. The characters are well developed and keep you invested.

A woman who doesn't know who or what she really is, stumbles upon a hidden world of immortals when she get finds her friend dead in his apartment. A sexy mystery man realizes she is special and starts a game of cat and mouse. Can they find a happily ever after when their lives are worlds apart and they are meant to be enemies?

The first book in the Immortal Curse series, the ending made me want to curse and hoped it really wasn't the last page. I can't wait for the next book to come out!

Demei1 ,

Loved this book!

Blood Laws is the first in the Immortal Curse series and a fantastic one! We get introduced to a new world filled with awesome vampires and Immortals. Issac is cool, calm and hot as hell! Together with Stas, they heat up the pages and bring the action in this fantastic series.

Excessive~Reader ,


The world that author Lexi C. Foss has created in her story, Blood Laws, is something that will stick with me forever. In one page she incite enough questions that lasted right up to the end. I love that there's always a pull to flip to the next page. Then back again. Part 2 can't come fast enough!!

At first Blood Laws seemed like the common books you find in a paranormal romance section. A hot powerful guy who make woman stupid In a world of mysterious paranormal powers.

HOWEVER it's not, it's very ORIGINAL with the introduction of Ichorians, Hybraian, Seraphim, Fledgling. There's more but that's not important right now. Plus you need to read it to know what they are :p

Honestly I was sucked in quickly and couldn't put it down. Stas is a woman who held herself together and was easy to like. Hints of the unknown and new made me frustrated right along with Stas just as the urge to keep going and learning was undeniable. I started to make a list of what's what's and who's who. As the story moves along I really liked it even more and the characters, not just the amazing hot guy, and his hot friends. Yes I said hot GUYS.

There's a lot to this story, it's hot, it's shocking, it has a dusting of comedy, and a lot of mystery. Throughout it all there are Easter eggs just waiting to be found and picked up. It explained more and more as the pages are turned. Once pieced together, and the list forgotten I finished the book and couldn't wait a day to start it again.

I'm including a few lines from the book below so stop reading now if you don't want spoilers. These lines I just loved. It shows a few different aspects about the book and 2 parts that I just loved!
***. ***

• They should all get together for a photo shoot and do something that required them to be shirtless. A fireman calendar would be entertaining.
“You can’t read minds, right?” she asked, realizing that her thoughts were going south fast.

•"He's not a stranger." He brought over a frying pan. "He's an old friend who I occasionally want to punch in the face. Pancake?"

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