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Half-breed identical twins Eva and Erie Kaylee want to forget that they’re half-wolf but when Erie is kidnapped by a fanatical cult bent on ending the human world, Eva has no choice but to ask for help.
From the minute the curvy brunette climbed through his window, L.A. SWAT captain Elijah Kane, knew she was trouble. And he isn’t wrong. An ancient prophecy, his own brother raining destruction, and the threat of all hell breaking loose — makes for one really bad day.
And it’s about to get worse.
Eva is his mate. Only…she doesn’t know it yet.
Elijah doesn’t want to be a hero. He doesn’t want to be Eva's mate.
Too bad he doesn’t have a choice.
The Blood Moon is about to rise — and if he wants to save his mate, he’s going to have to save the world, too.

Author’s Note: Alexx Andria originally wrote this 56,000 word novel as a three-part serial under her Kinsey McClane pseudonym. The book has been revised for a fresh reading experience!


“Who are you?”

His voice, thick with a growl, made her shiver with real fear. Elijah Kane was no ordinary man — he was Wolvryn, descended from pack leaders and a captain with the L.A. SWAT team. He could rip her to shreds and arrest her.

Eva recognized the sound of a partial shift. His fangs were probably cutting into his bottom lip, sending a rivulet of blood down his chin while black-tipped claws curved into vicious killing implements.

She’d seen what claws like that could do to human flesh. So much blood. He flipped the light, momentarily blinding her and she backed against the wall, stunned by how massive he was.

Impossibly tall, probably about six foot, five inches, a solid two hundred and eighty pounds of pure muscle, with ebony hair that dusted his shoulders and moss green eyes that narrowed with suspicion as he awaited her answer — he was both beautiful and terrifying. And nearly naked.

“M-my name is Eva…Eva Kaylee. I-“ She stopped as he abruptly sniffed the air, everything about him tense. He strode to her, coming within inches, crowding her personal space and causing her to shake. “W-what are you doing?” she dared to ask when he wouldn’t back away. “Please…you’re scaring me.”

“What are you?” he asked, ignoring her plea. “I smell human…but not human.” Suddenly his lip curled and he stepped away. “You’re a half-breed.”

She tried not to feel stung — his opinion was nothing new. Most pure Wolvryn scorned her kind. Lifting her chin, she said as coolly as she could muster given the fact that she was scared out of her mind. “Yes. I am half-human. And if I had a choice, I wouldn’t be Wolvryn at all. I hate being part freak.”

“What pack are you from?”

“I have no pack.”

May 6
Alexx Andria
Draft2Digital, LLC

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