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A beautiful star, a dark prince with a price and an affair that pushes the limits of sanity...

Sebastian Vaughn has a secret.
Lorelei Lansford is the epitome of perfection.

Vaughn has darkness inside of him. Recruited by a criminal organization at a young age, he leads a double life. He deals in women, arms and intelligence, but to the outside world he's just another rich playboy living the lifestyle. That is until he crosses paths with a shining star, a beauty he can’t keep his hands off.
Lorelei was born into a wealthy family and has certain responsibilities she is expected to obey without question. One of those is not falling in love with high society bad boy, Sebastian Vaughn. Money, sex, danger... Vaughn exudes it and like a moth to a flame, she can’t stay away. When Vaughn steps into something out of his control there’s only one way he can escape with his life. He has to make a deal that will betray everything he holds dear.
The price?

Warning: This is a story about pain and retribution. It does not have a happy ending. There is strong language, sex scenes and violence. It is not intended for those of a squeamish disposition. Blood Rites is dark, dangerous and smooth. You have been warned.

May 14
Nicole R. Taylor
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Reebeel ,

Not used to this

Sooooo I thought reading 2.5 would be a way to get insight on some of the characters from other books and because the preview was interesting .. But I was shocked and not at all pleased with what happened ... I know there are some people out there that love this kind of tale but I'm not one of them .. It was just so ... sad I guess .. I cried ... I'm not saying this story wasn't good because it was awesome but I like to get away from real life so I tend to like HEA and poor Sebastian (I adore that name by the way) will have to wait for his ... Since I will no longer read anything in this series I sincerely hope he gets it ..

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