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Jane's back! And she's not alone. Someone is creating new vampires and Father Bellini has hand-picked a crack team to find out who's responsible. Meet the boys that have Jane's back!

Felipe- Strong, handsome, Italian. This sexy vampire is not only Jane's trainer, he's her friend. But he wants something more from the relationship. Is she ready to give him what he asks?
Ronin- A vampire priest who lives with Felipe and Jane, he refuses to let his flock go into battle unprotected. Armed with a wooden cross and a machine gun, his loyalty is unquestionable and unmatched.
Ado- After New Blood, Ado is dealing with the loss of his previous partner. He struggles with feelings of guilt, despair, and vengeance.
Benton- One of the two humans on the team, Benton was kidnapped at the age of 15 and used as a blood slave for more than two years. Since his rescue by Ado, Benton has been a key player in the fight against rogues.
Jax- The other human team member, Jax was introduced to the world of vampires by his brother. After spending years in the dull work of security forces, Jax is looking for some action.

This is the third installment in the Jane novella series. It runs approximately 19,000 words.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 29
Samantha Warren
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Turkeybreath ,

Blood and tears

A very nice book as I read one,two and three of the series with an escalating price tag for a good, but mediocre story. I absolutely resent this authors clever manipulative way of getting a lot of money for a number of CHAPTERS in what should be one book, thereby cleverly soaking us for more money with buying cheap little pieces of a book than we would have spent with paying for the entire novel. Shameful subterfuge, clever author REALLY taking advantage of an eager audience. I am appalled and for that reason will not play her game and buy any more of her books! Be forewarned

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