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Being a badass witch isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Vampire Hunter Phoebe Kilsen’s world is falling apart. Her shifter partner has been drugged and is in danger of turning rabid, and her brother has disappeared into thin air… literally. 

Just as Phoebe is on the verge of making a major breakthrough on finding her long-lost brother, a new drug is introduced into New Orleans’s black market. It’s Phoebe’s job to find out who is responsible and neutralize them before New Orleans is overrun with rabid wolves. With Eadric Allcot as her number one suspect, she finds herself once again facing down the most powerful vampire in New Orleans. But when her partner Dax is viscously attacked with the drug, she needs Allcot’s help to save him. Now she’s forced to make a choice between defying orders and saving the one she loves. The decision is an easy one for Phoebe. She’s willing to break all the rules to save Dax… and if luck is on her side, she might even find her brother.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 13
Bayou Moon Press, LLC
Deanna Chase

Customer Reviews

sdawn63746 ,

A killing transformation

I love this series. I can’t wait until the next book comes out.. totally awesome.

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Second novel in Last Witch Standing series

Bloodlust by Midnight by Deanna Chase is the second novel in Last Witch Standing series. Phoebe Kilsen, witch and vampire hunter for the Void, is heading for the Arcane library to pick up some research from swamp witch, Simone Bernard. After dealing with a vampire who decided to get too close, Phoebe arrives at the library to find Simone injured and clutching a neon green syringe in her hand. The deadly drug, Scarlet has been harming and killing shifters including Leo’s girlfriend, Rhea. After obtaining help for Simone, Phoebe is summoned to Director Halston’s office. The director explains that the drug has been altered to prey on shifters. She wants Phoebe and her partner, Dax Marrok to round up the living victim’s before they harm others. Dax texts that he has information on Phoebe’s missing brother, but before he can provide details he is attacked with the toxic Scarlet. Phoebe needs to find the culprit behind these dastardly deeds and procure a cure before it is too late. Will Phoebe be able to rescue Dax? What happened to Phoebe’s brother?

Bloodlust by Midnight is best read after Soulless at Sunset otherwise you will be confused in the beginning. The book is well-written with a fast pace. You will be on the edge of your seat as Phoebe races against time to save Dax and the other affected shifters. She is worried about her missing brother, but Phoebe knows that she must prioritize (no matter how much she wants to chase down the lead on her brother). There are vampires, witches, shifters and humans in this paranormal adventure. Phoebe needs to find out who is behind the deadly drug while keeping an eye on Dax (the drug has terrible side effects). Phoebe is a strong, smart female character who will do what it takes to protect those she cares about and the members of the paranormal community. Dax and Phoebe are a good pairing. You can feel the chemistry between them. I do want to warn readers that the story contains foul language and the intimate scenes are descriptive. My rating for Bloodlust by Midnight is 4 out of 5 stars. I thought the ending to be clever and humorous. It will leave readers dangling and desperately wanting the third book in the Last Witch Standing series.

Grandma PNR ,

Friends or lovers

Wow great story with emotions,suspense,intrigue,and romance.
Really like the characters Phoebe and Dax and the new one Leo. There is a new drug in town that are harming the Shifters and Dax is infected ,a race against time to fine the cure.
Is a
Aloric the guilty one doing it it a mystery.
Phoebe still looking for her brother and did she find him, will have to read to find out.
Voluntarily reviewed.

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