Bloody Love

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The cat is in the tree.

As far as Lilah's concerned, her note writing stalker just gets more stupid everyday. One, two, three, the cat is in the tree? What is that? And what does it have to do with a wedding turned bloody?

Lilah continues to hunt for the monster who killed a bride-to-be while she awaits news on Kane's chopper that emergency landed in the ocean. She's angry. She's worried. She's ready to kill the man she knows is responsible for Kane's crash: Pocher. 

It's a race against the clock to save Kane and catch a killer.

Everyone won't survive.

Bloody Love is the sixth book in the Lilah Love series.


The Lilah Love series:

Book One: Murder Notes (Murder Duet #1)

Book Two: Murder Girl (Murder Duet #2)

Book Three: Love Me Dead (Umbrella Man Duet #1)

Book Four: Love Kills (Umbrella Man Duet #2)

Book Five: Bloody Vows (Wedding Duet #1)

Book Six: Bloody Love (Wedding Duet #2)

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 27
Julie Patra Publishing
Lisa Renee Jones

Customer Reviews

laltt ,

I loved it!!

I’ve been fully invested in the Lilah Love series, waiting on pins and needles for each new book. She’s fiery and passionate and serious about murder. She spends a lot of waking hours on/in the dark side of life and trusts no one. Jay and Enrique are among the few and it’s taken a bullet to get there. Kane has become her light and while he’s very familiar with the dark side, together they are bright. Even Andrew, Lilah’s brother whom she has not trusted, is gaining entry into the trusted few. Lucas is an unusual character and while she trusts him with her secrets, he’s definitely not liked by Kane (because Kane will not tolerate the knowledge that Lucas “wants in her pants” 😂). Ah, the intensity of Kane Mendez.

The murders seem to be pointing a lot at Lilah and Kane. As they would when the dark duo is planning their wedding and the murder victims are dressed in wedding gowns and tuxedos. Arrows pointing in different directions will have you chasing down plot twists only to find a true crazy or two at the heart. Yes! Crazy!! But what a twist!!

A New Year’s Eve wedding? Most definitely magical and so perfectly Lilah and Kane as they wrap up a serial killer case and enter into their future.

I loved it and I can’t wait for more!!!!

~Mindy Lou~ ,

A top favorite!

Lilah is the main focus of this series and I do love her character. She's got balls, this woman. Some may think she is too much but I don't think so. She is as hard as her environment needs or she would be chewed up and spit out. I like that she is fearless. She makes the series very fascinating.

Kane is another HUGE reason I would recommend this series. He's everything I love in a Hero that walks on the line of right and wrong. I know I would love this series without him in it because Lilah and the cases she solves are fascinating to me. But, he is also the reason this series is in my top favorites. He adds so much more to an already awesome series.

My recommendation? Read it and read it in order. You won't be disappointed.

Tammyemd ,

Loving it all the way through

Lisa had me hooked on this series from the beginning. Lilah Love is still trying to find the killer from Bloody Vows. So you need to at least read that book before you read Bloody Love. Most of your questions are answered,but there is still more to come. I loved this book and Lilah Love is my favorite female character.

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