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Three sisters. An absent prince who promised to protect them. And the wolf is at the door...
Once upon a time...
When war breaks out, Rudolf promises Portia and her sisters he will protect them. But his father falls in battle, and Rudolf is forced to return home to command his father's armies.
Shifting alliances turn Portia and her family from friends to sworn enemies. To win the war, Rudolf must conquer her home, and risk losing her forever.
When the wolf is at the door, who will win - love or war?

Romance a Medieval Fairytale series:
Each book is a standalone, so they can be read in any order:
Enchant: Beauty and the Beast RetoldDance: Cinderella RetoldFly: Goose Girl RetoldRevel: Twelve Dancing Princesses RetoldSilence: Little Mermaid RetoldAwaken: Sleeping Beauty RetoldEmbellish: Brave Little Tailor RetoldAppease: Princess and the Pea RetoldBlow: Three Little Pigs RetoldReturn: Hansel and Gretel RetoldWish: Aladdin RetoldMelt: Snow Queen RetoldSpin: Rumpelstiltskin RetoldKiss: Frog Prince RetoldHunt: Red Riding Hood RetoldReflect: Snow White RetoldRoar: Goldilocks RetoldCobble: Elves and the Shoemaker RetoldFloat: Enchanted Horse RetoldSteal: Forty Thieves RetoldCall: Pied Piper Retold

Fiction & Literature
November 21
Lost Plot Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Peg1951 ,

A Wolf or A Prince?

I really enjoyed this clever, imaginative, and grown-up version of the Three Little Pigs fairy tale. Portia and Dolf are wonderful characters and even better when they are together. When an evil invader threatens Isla and Portia, Dolf must find a way to rescue her and her people. He comes up with the perfect solution. As in the classic, there is a wolf at the door, but this one is a prince.

The book was a gift. The review is all mine.

Izzibear ,

Great retailing of The Three Little Pigs

Blow was another wonderful story in Demelza Carlton’s Romance a Medieval Fairytale series. I was pleasantly surprised by how she retold this story and I greatly enjoyed it.

OldBookGirlJA ,

Awesome Adventure - Three Little Pigs and a Viking

* I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book I've read by Demelza Carlton, and I can't wait to continue to read more. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and the adventure one takes with the two "leads". While the title indicates it's a "Three Little Pigs" reimagined....it was very very loosely similar. I almost expected this book to be some sort of "shifter" romance, but it was not! Again, loosely based/similar.

The characters are well thought out, and many of the main characters have a decent arc to their individual stories. Perhaps some of them are even in other stories by the author. ?? The only "odd" thing for me, was the sense that I couldn't track the amount of time that had passed. Keep this in mind, as one reference to the passage of time was discussion about a side characters ability to have produced a couple of children. I had to reread to make sure that I mentally followed that several years would have passed. Otherwise, if you're being logical...that type of timeline would make sense for those readers who understand (have read) a lot of Norse or Viking stories. IE: travel by boat would be long and arduous. There was also a sense that the time period could also be similar to the series "Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon" - minus the sex. I personally love "period pieces" and experiencing a different time and culture.

I found the story to be compelling, and I couldn't put it down! Safe for all ages, and preferences of story telling.

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