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Nominated by Foreword Magazine as 2009 Book of the Year Award Finalist. Marc Headley provides a rare, never before seen insider's look at life inside Scientology. He spent 15 years employed at their secret headquarters, the sprawling 500 acre property located deep in the California desert. The local townspeople were told that Scientology lectures and films were being made there. But is that all that is happening there? It is the location of a multi-million dollar home for L. Ron Hubbard, built two decades after his controversial death. It is the home of Scientology's current leader, David Miscavige. Rumor has it that high ranking Scientology celebrities such as Tom Cruise have been there. So what really happens at the Int Base? Are the stories on the internet true? How does Scientology conduct management of its day to day operations? Reports from former members have shown up here and there over the past 20 years. Could stories of armed guards, weapons, staff beatings, and razor wire fences surrounding the entire property be true? If so, how could a facility like this exist in modern day America? Hundreds of staff had made attempts to escape over the years. Some had succeeded but had never been seen or heard of again, but most had failed. Marc knew it would not be easy getting out of the Scientology compound. Why were people kept here? Why did more people not attempt to escape over the years? What was it that went on at the International headquarters of Scientology? This is the story of what happened behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology.

Religion & Spirituality
August 13
Marc Headley
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Customer Reviews

1chicagokid ,

Slow and go.....

Loved this tell all book. Pretty slow in the first 3/4 of the book, but a real pay-off at the end. It truly tells the story of the victims, the deranged cult life and the psychotic "Pope of Scientology". Good luck to you and Claire and to those who are still imprisoned.

Ess Double You ,

Blown For Good

Essential reading. What an amazing book. Well done Marc Headley. If you ever want to know about the insanity of Scientology, read this book. I actually wrote to Marc and he wrote back to me. I hope to meet him one day as I would like to thank him for his courageous efforts in exposing the unbelievable practices that Scientology uses. Thank you

Tootsla ,

Blown for Good

Two words: Page Turner! Could not put it down. Every Scientology story is unique - and horrific. Just when I was convinced I had heard it all, I saw Claire's recent interview on YouTube, and knew I had to read her husband's book. This story should be a movie.